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Baseboards give your room a finished look and enhance the aesthetics. While installing these final touches may be simple in many cases, there are some tips and tricks for installing baseboards like a professional.

Temporary Install
Taking some extra time before you nail or glue the baseboards to the wall ensures a proper fit. Place the baseboard against the wall, and hold it in place with painter’s tape. Inspect the fit by looking for gaps along the top and bottom of the baseboard. Mark any spaces with a pencil, and remove the baseboard. Add height to the places that you marked with sheetrock mud or caulk. Use only a small amount, check the fit, and make any adjustments.

Install the Baseboard
Apply glue to the top and bottom of the baseboard, and press it gently against the wall. This is the best time to make adjustments to the fit of the baseboard against the wall and floor, as well as how the corners fit together. You may need to sand the corners to remove any rough areas. Use nails to attach the baseboard to the studs in the wall. Let the baseboard sit overnight to allow time for the adhesive to dry and set.

Final Touches for Installing Baseboards
Once the adhesive is set, go back and check for small gaps along the baseboard’s top and bottom. Apply a small amount of caulk to fill in these spaces. Allow the caulk to set for a few hours, and then check for gaps again. You should also check to make sure that the baseboard is securely fastened to the wall. Fill in the nail holes in the baseboard with a putty. You may need to go back and paint along the top of the baseboards to hide the caulk and sheetrock mud.

Tips for Installing Baseboards on Uneven Walls
You may come across walls that are too uneven for caulk to fill in the gaps. In these cases, you may need to use some other tips and tricks for installing baseboards. Sand down some high spots or build up low areas with sheetrock mud. If you are changing the drywall on your own, make sure to work slowly and check the baseboards’ fit as you go along.