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Being a construction worker seems like a pretty cut and dry profession, but it’s more complicated than it might seem. A construction worker has to wear many hats to perform and stay safe on the job. We’ll cover the essentials you need to know if you’re looking to join the construction workforce.

There is a specific skill set one must learn before working on any site. First, workers will have to learn how to pour cement. While pouring cement may seem like a no brainer, there are specific techniques in pouring you have to learn to reduce risk factors and ensure a smooth surface. Drywall installation is also a skill a construction worker must possess. Not just anyone can go in and correctly install drywall because it is something you have to learn in training.

Construction workers must also be great problem solvers. Sometimes problem-solving comes from life experience, and in some cases, it is something you were born with. Construction workers may be on sites where they have to use their problem-solving skills because they have to face issues that weren’t covered in their job training.

You may not think that you have to do a lot of reading while doing construction work, but you’d be mistaken. Workers have to read and comprehend manuals and understand complex verbiage on contracts. Be sure to pay attention during job training and ask questions if you don’t understand the text you have to read.

Being physically fit and staying healthy is a good thing for everyone, but it’s necessary to be a construction worker. Job sites are both strenuous and dangerous, and that’s a risky combination. If you aren’t fit enough to do the heavy lifting and moving for extended periods, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. Coordination is just as crucial if you want to be a construction worker. Whether you’re trying to balance on a crossbeam, manipulate power tools, or drive a construction vehicle, clumsiness can be lethal on a job site.

Listening skills are essential for any public situation, but communication is necessary for the sake of you and your coworkers. If you have a problem with authority or have a hard time paying attention, you might want to polish those skills before entering the field. Be sure to be patient with yourself and your coworkers so you can have a harmonious work environment.