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Hanging drywall is one of those in-between tasks where it’s tough to know if you should do it on your own or hire professional help. On the one hand, it’s easy enough that most handy people should be capable of doing it. On the other hand, it’s difficult enough that unforeseen issues are bound to arise. If you decide to hang your own drywall, you should learn about the process as much as you can. Here are five tips to remember as you set about this tricky-but-doable job.

Put Thought Into The Initial Layout

Before you get to work, you should make sure you have a solid plan for the wall’s layout. Use a pencil to mark on the floor and the ceiling where the studs are located. Then, test out the panels to make sure their edges meet over a stud. If you start nailing or screwing without making sure everything is aligned correctly, you might have to undo all your hard work and start over again.

Use Repair Spray For Pesky Cracks

Cracks in the drywall pose an annoying problem, and you won’t be the first amateur to lose patience with them. Instead of overreacting, however, use a repair spray to address the issue. Once the walls are painted, you shouldn’t even notice that there was ever an issue.

Make Cutouts For Outlets And Light Switches

Don’t forget that you’ll later need access to electrical fixtures like outlets and switches. Make precise cutouts in the drywall that match the shape of the future electrical panels.

Fill Big Holes With Setting Compound

Large holes pose a bigger problem than superficial cracks, but you can still deal with them effectively. A setting compound bought as a powder at a hardware store and prepared by mixing with water will set quickly and secure the drywall’s integrity.

For Ceiling Work, Get A Drywall Lift

Hanging drywall on the ceiling involves the same process as the rest of the room. The only challenge is effectively reaching such a high space. A drywall lift is a standard piece of equipment for professionals, and you can make your life a lot easier by renting one for yourself.