You don’t have to be so serious about this!

Hi Eric! 

How’s it going?! I hope you’re really starting to put those 5 steps into work. Or maybe you’re just working on one at a time, and you know what? That’s great too! 
So we’ve talked about priorities. We’ve talked about meal planning. And last week we talked about eating real food and knowing where it comes from.
This week, we’re going to talk about getting active. And I hope you have a revelation while reading this email, because I know I did when I realized this one key point.
Years ago, when I’d think about getting fit and exercising more, I always pictured myself having to go to the gym every day, having to have a written out routine, and of course having to have all the right gear. Boy was I wrong!
It turns out, all I needed to do was MOVE. That’s right. Just move.
Your workout does not have to be anything fancy. You can be in your jeans with the music cranked up loud and have a dance party right in your living room. Or you can take your dog out to the field and run around with him. Or you can walk around your neighborhood with your next-door neighbor. None of this is fancy, right?
None of this requires special equipment. None of this requires a personal trainer. None of this requires extra money. 
All it requires is a change in mindset and a little bit of planning. You still need to plan what you’re going to do to get your heart rate pumping for 20-30 minutes. But it doesn’t have to be extreme.
Let go of those expectations. Just MOVE! 
Get outside. Turn up the music. Have fun with your family. 
Just MOVE.
Once you realize how good it makes you feel, you may eventually step it up and do even more with weights or a workout video. Or maybe that’s where you’re at now. Just know that you don’t HAVE to do those types of things in order to get fit and healthy.
So with that in mind, I want to know what you’re going to do today or tomorrow to make sure you MOVE!
Shoot me an email and let me know. I can’t wait to hear all about it.
Have a great week!
My Very Best, 

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