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February 6th 2018

6 Great Adventure Races for Kids

Adventure racing is hot. Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, and Warrior Dash are just a few of the big ones out there. These races involve running anywhere from a few miles, to a marathon and then throw in a dozen or dozens of challenging obstacles to ove…
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Enter to Win a Luxury Included® Vacation at Sandals Resorts!

Baby, it’s cold outside and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. What better time to dream of long walks with your honey in a warm, tropical paradise?  Couples need to take time for one another to recharge, reconnect and have some fun. To step out…
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6 Ways Parents Can Help their Children Master Reading Comprehension

Imagine being given an article or a book and being asked to provide a summary. You recognize the letters, the words and are actually able to skim most of the text by sounding everything out. Beyond that, you have no idea what you just read. This sam…
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Ask Maggie: Advice from a Mom of Three

Dear Maggie, My mom just invited me to go away with her and my sister for a long weekend to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. Mom is paying and the thought of three days away is so appealing … but I’ve never left my kids (ages 4 and 5 ½). Should I…
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Join Us for Goal Crushing February!

Got things you want to accomplish? Need some motivation? Join us for Macaroni Kid’s Goal Crushing February. 28 days of inspiration and support to help you crush your goals. Does it work? Last year, 100% of the people who participated reported that …
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Growing Up Fresh

This month we are excited to introduce you to the United Fresh Start Foundation, who is focused on increasing children’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure a stronger, healthier future for them. According to the Foundation, nearly o…
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