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Velvet-Rose.net /////////////////////////////////////////// 5 Tips to fight the Mommy Guilt Posted: 21 Sep 2015 04:52 AM PDT http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/velvet-rose/TtIq/~3/PFJk7GO9NpM/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email Mommy guilt is a topic new Moms get familiar with pretty quickly. There is so much we want to do for our child, think we should be doing, and yet arent able to for whatever reason. I think we are being unfair to ourselves for allowing ourselves to feel all this guilt.   Tips to fight the Mommy Guilt Get out of your own head! Most of the guilt is caused by your own brain over-analyzing things and telling you what you should be doing and comparing it to what youre not. Let your heart lead, and if your heart is content, shut the brain up. Repeat: Good for her, not for me. (Thanks Amy Poehler) A lot of guilt is caused by comparing yourself to others. Were all different and have different challenges and situations. Lets not compare ourselves to the moms who appear more put together than we are, and then we wont feel guilt for any (perceived) shortcomings. Think about the Why. Why are you feeling this way? Can you pinpoint a specific cause to your guilt? Sometimes when you acknowledge what is bothering you, the nagging inside our minds goes away. Find alternatives. If the nagging does not go away, can we do something else to address the issue? If the underlying cause of the guilt is time away from children while we are at work, we can make the time we spend with them on the weekends extra special and meaningful and maybe take them somewhere new and exciting. Forgive yourself. We cant do it all, were just not able to be in all the places all the time. Decisions need to be made for the good of our families and ourselves, and sometimes that may mean letting someone down. Forgive yourself and allow yourself to focus on the good things youre already doing, instead of dwelling on everything else you may be leaving out. Has Mommy guilt been a huge burden to you? Share some ways you combat the guilt. What do you feel guilty about? Related posts: A Mommys Guide on Breastfeeding [Infographic] Mommy Wars need to stop! Make a #Mommitment Tips for Taking a Road Trip with an Infant

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