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Think exercise is boring? Think again, mamas! We know it’s hard to get motivated sometimes so we’ve found 17 of the best workouts in Dubai this year ( to get you going. Also, the baby and kiddo classes that offer everything from cooking to dance, drama, art and more ( – and the Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature kids sessions (…) that still have tickets to snap up pronto.
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** This Year’s Coolest Workouts ( ———————————————————— Whether your New Year’s resolutions involve getting fit or you’re looking to banish that post baby belly, here are some of 2018’s best workouts in Dubai!
more (
** Baby & Kiddo Classes For The Brightest Little Minds ( ———————————————————— The Bright Minds Institute offers loads of classes for kids aged between six months – six years so you’re guaranteed to find one (or more!) that suit!
more (…
** Emirates Airline Festival of Literature – What Tickets To Book For Your Kids ASAP! (…) ————————————————————
The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is back for the 10th time this year – and there are still tickets available for some fabulous kids sessions!
more (…)
** Baby Names: Trends & Predictions 2018 ( ————————————————————
** Keeping Up With Kaya: January 2018 ( ————————————————————
** Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids ( ————————————————————
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