The Tunic Sweater

The Lipstick Giraffe /////////////////////////////////////////// The Tunic Sweater Posted: 22 Oct 2015 03:38 PM PDT Im so ready for fall but this weather in Sacramento just hasnt turned yet. Whats a girl to do? Wear a sleeveless tunic sweater, of course. A tunic sweater is the perfect way to shake up your look for the season. With numerous styling options, youll be looking like you stepped out of a magazine in no time. Top/Earrings: Supply x Deeda Pants: Macys Shoes: Banana Republic (similar) Purse: Article Consignment Boutique Cuff: Stella & Dot Lipstick Shade: Diva by MAC When I saw this tunic at Supply x Deedas shopping event, Im pretty sure I exclaimed (out loud, and people looked at me), Oh, I need this. The warm colors called out to me so loudly. Its the PERFECT layering piece for fall: A modern cut sweater with a vintage twist. This sweater couldve traveled in time from the 70s and while it would look great with a pair of flares, I opted for a sleek look with my ponte pants and leather booties. Too much of a statement for you? Throw my favorite outer layer the blazer over it! I plan to once the weather cools down. Maybe even throw on an infinity scarf, too. Have you considered getting a tunic sweater this season? If youre having some reservations about it, here are a few things to consider when selecting the perfect one: Fit: I like my tunics to be free flowing. If youre the same, you may want to buy a size larger so that you have a bit more flexibility in the way you wear yours! You can always tuck it in, or tie/pin the side when you want a tighter fit. Color/Pattern: Im always going to vote that with a piece like this, you go for a neutral color or print so you can get the most wear out of it. If cream isnt your thing, there are some pretty amazing shades of grey (he he). Because Im a tall gal and the stripes are vertical and not too close together, it works. A too tight of pattern or bright color can make you look a bit larger than you are IRL . Height: Tall girls, you can skip this one. If youre petite and know you dont want to wear a heel or boot with it, consider a shorter tunic, or having yours taken up a couple of inches for a custom fit. This will allow you to make sure your derriere is covered, but that its not down to your knees like a dress. If youre in Sac, I recently visited Linda Lee Alterations on Freeport and she did a GREAT job on shortening an article of clothing for a great price. Happy hunting! Follow TLG on:  Instagram | Facebook  | Pinterest | Twitter | Bloglovin Photos by Christie Spencer Photography The post The Tunic Sweater appeared first on The Lipstick Giraffe.

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