The Dubai Based Children’s Authors You Need To Know About 📚

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If you’re looking to expand your children’s bookshelves and support local authors (many of whom are mamas themselves!) then this list of books and the people behind them will help get you started ( (also perfect as gifts if any families you know are leaving Dubai). Also this week, the flexible career option for mamas (…) who want it all (family life and travel included!) plus a s (…) pecial ladies night offer (…) for that much-needed night out on the town. (…)
** Kaya ————————————————————
** Children’s Books by Local Authors ( ————————————————————
** ———————————————————— If your kids love to read then treat them to some of these wonderful children’s books by Dubai based authors, many of whom are mamas themselves.
more (…
** Make Holidaying A Flexible Career, Mamas (…) ———————————————————— Travel Counsellors is a home-based business opportunity that allows you to succeed at work & family life (honestly!). Now you can work without missing out.
more (…)…
** Free Drinks & More Every Monday and Wednesday (…) ———————————————————— Want a fun night out? Well mamas you can enjoy free drinks & 20% off a delicious tapas menu too at the Crowne Plaza Dubai (see you there!)
more (…) Spotlight
** 5 Easy Ways To Raise Happier Kids ( ————————————————————…
** A Fantastic Family Holiday, Thai Style (…) ————————————————————
** Easy Interiors Hacks For A Prettier Home ( ————————————————————
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