The Best Hidden Gems in Dubai, Shopping in Global Village and more

New to Sassy Mama? Join the community ( ! View this email in your browser ( Kaya Whether you’re visiting Dubai or you’re a resident mama, there are plenty of reasons to love our desert city. We’ve rounded up some hidden gems and secret spots ( around town that make it all the more special! One not-so-hidden gem is Global Village ( and there are still a couple of weeks left to check it out so read our shopping guide to know which areas to hit up for some unique bargains! Need a little food for thought mamas? Our contributor Amy muses about feminism and motherhood ( ) – and the male/female balance with raising kids (and looking after the home). And finally, make sure to fill your diaries with fun ( for the whole fam! ** Dubai’s Best Hidden Gems ———————————————————— In our opinion, Dubai is one of the most exciting places to live or visit. From the beaches to the soaring skyscrapers, malls to a buzzing foodie scene, there’s plenty to see and do here! But want to know what makes the city even more special? The many hidden gems that add the icing on the cake. From tucked away cafés to fabulous play spaces, culture to art and unique restaurants, these are some of our favourite spots in Dubai… …Read more ( ** Shopping at Global Village ———————————————————— Have you spent all winter, gazing longingly at the bright lights of Global Village, wondering what interior delights might be hiding inside? We set off one Thursday afternoon determined to uncover its secrets. From the best place to park the car, to the best store to find beautiful Bedouin-style necklaces, we have the complete inside scoop for you, mamas! …Read more ( ** I Didn’t Know I Was a Feminist Until I Had Kids ———————————————————— It’s easy to see feminism through an inaccurate stereotype. It can feel pretty extreme: that you have to hate men to really get into it, and frown upon chivalrous acts like having the door opened for you. But that’s not what feminism stands for at all – and since having kids, our eyes are WIDE open. We feel the injustice of being a woman and especially a woman and a mother, every single day, and we don’t want our daughters, or our sons to grow up in a world without equal rights. …Read more ( ) ** Your Awesome Week ———————————————————— Cue the round of applause, mamas: we’ve survived another week! With The Sound Of Music ( bringing their tunes our way, why not treat the kiddos to a musical? And if you’re on the hunt for even more theatre, the hilarious tale of Shrek ( is also in Dubai. Looking for some time to relax and unwind? Head over to Springfest () , where Pretty Chic Boutique meets Reform Social & Grill – hooray! Have an awesome one, mamas! Click for more events this week! ( ============================================================ ** Facebook ( ** Twitter ( ** Pinterest ( ** Instagram ( Sassy Scoops and Featured Listings are paid for features. You are receiving this email because you signed up for our mailing list, are buddies with one of our founders, or attended one of our Sassy Mama events. Sassy HATES spam, so please feel free to ** unsubscribe ( at any time if you’re no longer interested in our emails. We will never share your email address or personal info with third parties without your express permission, no matter how cool they are. Peace and love mamas. Copyright © 2016 Sassy Media Group Limited

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