Still Plenty of Summer Left!

August 1st 2017

Tis Better to Give Than to Receive

I’m going to tell you something I’ve kept secret for a couple of years. I have not told a soul, not even my wife. A few years ago I was driving home and I noticed an elderly man trying to move a fallen tree from his driveway. I passed by and realize…
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Free Computer Classes For the Summer!

I failed computer science in college. Yup, got a big fat F. Studied my brains out, however Fortran programming was not for me. That was back when the years began with a 19 instead of a 20, so no big deal. Nowadays, Gen Z kids (our kids) are practica…
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Cars 3: Driven to Win – Great Addition to Your Video Game Collection

The perfect video game just hit the shelves if you’re a fan of Cars, or any racing games!   WB Games ,  Cars 3: Driven to Win , compliments the newly released movie  Cars 3!   This past weekend, a few friends joined us at the local th…
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Focus on Empathy for Success!

To succeed, kids need to do a lot of stuff, such as: be the soccer star, play the oboe, perform in all the musicals, and volunteer, not to mention, get straight A’s or forget about going to a good college. Even preschoolers leave school to then go t…
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Pack Healthy Lunches Conveniently with Slammers Snacks

With summer break coming to an end, packing lunches will soon be making its way to the top of Mom’s to do list again. But how do you make sure you’re packing a healthy lunch for your kids? Slammers Snacks gives us some great tips for healthy sc…
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Here’s the Latest and Greatest in the Baby Aisle

Nothing in life is constant, and this even applies to the baby aisle! That means we are constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest in the baby world. Here’s a few new finds that will make life with baby a bit easier this summer.  Top B…
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Mott’s® Juice Pouches Give Families Nutrition and Convenience

My family and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. We exercise regularly and make healthy food and drink choices. One thing we really struggled with for a long time was finding a juice that tastes good, that is also good nutritionally for our kids! …
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Celebrate Holidays of the World and Diversity with iRead2Know

iRead2Know, on iHeartRadio and iHeartRadio Family, nurtures early literacy in children by “bringing books to life” with music, narration, and animation. Today, we’re introducing one of the characters, Merry Jane, and her band. Merry Jane a…
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