Savvy Sweeper

Savvy Sweeper /////////////////////////////////////////// Insulated Wine Bottle Tote, Black Quatrefoil #WineCoozy Posted: 22 Dec 2015 02:54 AM PST Carry your wine in style with this beautiful Quatrefoil design wine bottle tote. This wine tote is a wine coozy that embraces your wine bottle and helps to keep it cold as you transport it to your BYOB or any destination. I love how this stylish wine tote fits my wine bottles so snuggly. It is really so very simple to use. Just place your bottle into the tote and go. This would also work great for transporting your child’s sports drinks to their games to help keep them cold.. This is a beautiful way to present a gift to your hostess or giftee. CHILL OUT — The high quality 3.5mm Neoprene case keeps your bottle nice and cold.CLASSY GIFT — Face it, this is adorable. Bring it to a house warming party as a gift they will love.HIGH QUALITY — Neoprene is used for wet suits. It’s durable and stain resistant against red wine (if only your lips were too).CARRY ON — Soft, easy grip handles makes it a cinch to tote your new tote.VERSATILE — Keep a bottle of Moscato or a bottle of milk chilled for your next adventure. Fits a standard 750 ml bottle or smaller (so the answer is yes, you can use it for sports drinks too). This beautiful wine coozy is available on Amazon

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