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/////////////////////////////////////////// How Do You Handle Allergy Season #centralohio #ohio #allergies #sponsored
Posted: 20 Jul 2017 11:23 AM PDT

It always seems that as soon as the warm weather comes around my allergies start to go haywire. I can’t be outside for long periods of time because my allergies bother me so much. I love being outdoors, but have to limit my time out during peak allergy season. I didn’t start to develop my allergies until I was an adult. Seasons never bothered me when I was a child. I spoke to my doctor about my condition and luckily it is mild enough to be treated with over the counter medications. I was also told that air conditioning and frequent showers would help. Pollen can stick to your hair and skin. By showering more frequently, it helps to reduce the pollen contact with my skin.
I never thought to talk to my doctor about my allergies until I learned about my son’s allergies.
From the time my son was an infant, until he was preteen, he often had stuffy noses, earaches and colds. We thought that he was just prone to illness. I gave him decongestants, per his doctor, but he never seemed to get over his nasal congestion. Finally, I said enough is enough and decided to have him tested for allergies. I had him tested a few years back and he was allergic to every kind of tree, dust, mold spores and cats. It seemed like he was allergic to everything! I felt horrible that I hadn’t had him tested at a younger age.
The doctor told us to remove all carpets from our home and to keep our cat in a room, away from him. This has helped a lot. He also limits his time outdoors during peak allergy season. Luckily we lived close to the shore, so he spends a lot of time there during those times of year. The fresh ocean air seems to ease his symptoms.
If you feel like you are always suffering from colds, headaches, and congestion, perhaps you should get checked by an allergist.
If you would like more information about allergies and their symptoms, check out Dr. Summit Shah. Dr. Shah practices in the Central Ohio area and is board certified.
His website will help you learn more about allergies, their symptoms, and how to ease them.
Did you know that some pollen allergies can lead to food allergies? That is a fact. Also, skin testing for allergies are more effective than blood testing, when it comes to allergies. The process is very simple. Read this article from Dr. Summit Shah to learn more!
By the way, not only humans can suffer from allergies. Some of your pets can suffer from them as well. Dr. Shah can also help your pet and help you to spot whether they are show symptoms of allergies.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.
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Posted: 19 Jul 2017 12:01 PM PDT

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