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/////////////////////////////////////////// How to Reduce SPAM and Where to Forward Spam Emails
Posted: 03 Jul 2017 10:53 AM PDT

What is SPAM? Spam is a slang term that is used to describe unsolicited email or commercial advertisements that are received via the internet. Are you sick and tired of all of the SPAM emails and deceptive email that you are receiving in your inbox? Instead of deleting them, here is a list of places that you can forward them for investigation. AMAZON fake emails can be sent to Spoof@amazon.comEBAY fake mail can be sent to Spoof@ebay.comPAYPAL fake emails can be sent to Many email services provide special filters that allow you to block certain keywords. I have mine set up to block all cuss words and explicit content. You can also forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the following: The Federal Trade Commission . Be sure to include the complete spam email. You can do this by highlighting the entire email before hitting forward. You can also forward them to your email provider and be sure to leave a message at the top complaining that the email address is sending spam. You can also report them to the sender’s email provider, if you are able to identify who it is. For more information about SPAM, how to reduce it, and where to report it, please visit:

/////////////////////////////////////////// SqHair Bands- HINGED HEADBANDS that Fit Like Sunglasses #sponsored
Posted: 03 Jul 2017 10:30 AM PDT

The first time I saw SqHair bands they made perfect sense to me. They are designed like sunglasses, with hinges and can easily be stored in your purse or hung from your shirt, like sunglasses. The SqHair bands are available in a large variety of colors and patterns. They are all very fashionable. The bands are durable and look very pretty with any hair length or style.

Here are some of the beautiful colors that are available:
There are also various patterns including tortoise shell, cheetah, herringbone and more.
You can match your SqHair bands to any outfit or accessory.

Note the gripping teeth that help to hold the band in place.
Some SqHair bands can even be ordered with crystals.
The bands come with pretty drawstring gift bags, in case you would like to present them as a gift or keep them protected when not in use. ]
These bands make cute party favors!

HERE ARE SOME SAVINGS FOR YOU! USE CODE: SAVVY at checkout for a special discount Also: Be sure to check out all of the special offers that are available on the SqHair band website. Right now you can get Free Shipping with select purchases. Follow SqHair bands on these social media channels to receive product updates: FacebookPinterestInstagram
Disclosure: I received product to review for my own honest opinion. Your opinion may differ.

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