Sassy’s Guide to Fun After School Activities, Workout at DEFINE Boy & Mind, Half-term Getaway and more

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Instead of filling your kiddo’s afternoons with playdates and activities they’re not that into, check out our picks of some of the coolest after school options ( to get them active and having lots of fun! Want to know why Koita organic milk is SO good for the littles ( – and why they love it so much? Read all about it and don’t forget to watch the video too! For fitness sessions that are as effective as they are convenient ( , DEFINE is one of the sassiest places we’ve found in town (you can even workout with your baby). Finally, with the half term break just around the corner, travel mum Andrea shares her top family friendly holidays to book now ( . And as always, fill your diary and your week with our pick of some of the best events around town ( .
** 10 Of The Coolest After-School Activities For Kids ———————————————————— Homework, routine, playdates – the afternoons can get a little same/same for the kiddos. Get them feeling active and inspired with a few of the coolest ways to spend those after school to pre-bedtime hours…
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** Organic and Delicious: Here’s Why We Love Koita Milk ———————————————————— If your mini is making the leap to cow’s milk, you’ve got to get a stock of organic milk from Koita at home. Life’s about eating good, feeling good and doing good, mama, and that’s exactly what this beautiful brand is all about! The milk is packed full of nutrients to supplement your brood’s growth and well-being, (and we’re mighty impressed with the company’s eco-friendly manufacturing process too). …Read more (
** Love Your Body & Mind With DEFINE ———————————————————— ‘We believe in a balanced approach to fitness’ – music to our ears, mama and the motto behind one of the Sassiest exercise facilities we’ve found in our desert city. DEFINE Body & Mind is a boutique fitness studio offering a huge range of classes, taught by a superb team – all under one roof. This place is about making working out fun and convenient – but most of all mega effective. Bye, bye, pointless jogging… …Read more (
** Travel Mum’s Top 5 Half Term Breaks To Book Now ———————————————————— Now that everyone’s back from the winter holidays, it’s time to beat those January blues by planning your next family get-away. Here are 5 destinations that are perfect for that February mid-term break and don’t break the bank!
…Read more (
** Your Weekly Calendar ———————————————————— We don’t know about you, mamas, but we’re already loving 2017! Especially when fun-filled activities for the fam are everywhere! From Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Tickets ( On Sale, CATS ( at Dubai Opera, to Market Outside The Box ( at Burj Park, here’re our favourite events for this week!
Click for more events this week! (
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