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Jetting off on hols soon, mama? Our roundup of some of the best travel products and services ( is guaranteed to help! For some serious inspo on everything from home decor to making the most of family life in Dubai, read ourinterview with super cool mama Anne-Laure Roy ( (she drives a VW van – so cool!). Finally, if you can’t make it to the Med this year then get a taste of authentic Italy at Bianca ( , homemade mozzarella and all. Happy holidays!
** Traveling with Kids: Things to Make the Journey That Much Easier ———————————————————— Heading away with the kiddos this summer? No need to worry mamas, as we’ve gathered up the products and services that will make traveling easy when you have the littlies in tow. From pushchairs that fit in overhead lockers, to airport taxi services with kiddie car seats, to activity kits to keep them busy on route… So get ready for an adventure, mamas – and enjoy the ride!
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** Meet The Family: Anne-Laure Roy & Her Gorgeous Gang ———————————————————— A French mama of three who’s not only a fabulous artist but whose home is one we’ve coveted since stepping inside (think eclectic furniture and a boho vibe)… whose hubby drives a turquoise VW van (yes, really) and whose unique mix of photography and art has resulted in the ‘Kids Of Arabia’ series (commissions available!). …Read more (
** 10 Tips For Getting The Best Photographs Of Your Kids Over The Holidays ———————————————————— Mama, it’s time to get snapping and photograph some of the best moments over the summer holidays. Our Sassy photographer Lidiya shares her top tips on how to capture them all.
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** Bianca, A Slice of Italy in The Desert ———————————————————— All these places that claim to be authentic and then end up being just another average restaurant with a snore-worthy menu, sigh. Bianca is a very pleasant surprise to the scene. And since this restaurant prides itself on delivering ‘Grandma’s Cuisine’, we decided to bring… wait for it… Grandma (all the way from Europe)! The name of the restaurant is actually named after Fabio and Francesco’s mother, Bianca.
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