Navy Veterans Battling the Government to Bring Their Children Home

September 1st 2017

Editor’s Note – September 2017

Welcome to September, Macaroni families! With school beginning in just a few more days, I’m freshly reminded that my kids aren’t little anymore. My son turns 8 this month, but at more than one hundred pounds and with shoes the same size as mine, he’…
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I Love It Here! Life in Washington, DC

​ Doreen Morgan Pentagon, Washington, DC What do you like about living where you do? DC and the surrounding area is such a clean, historical, exciting place to live. There is always something going on – so much that it is hard to…
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Two Vets Battling the US Government to Bring Their Children Home

“We will not leave our children behind, would you?” Two military vets fight to bring their adopted babies home We are Brooke and Doug Waller, two U.S. Navy veterans who have been battling our own nation’s immigration bureaucracy to bring home our…
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Countdown to Homecoming

Learning how to continue feeling close even when a training or deployment takes a spouse away for a while is one of the biggest challenges for a military family, and adding kids into the equation can make it even more difficult. It’s especially eas…
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Teach Your Children To Tie Their Shoes In Less Than A Minute

I have to admit that learning to tie shoes is a lot harder than I remember. Well, maybe it has more to do with a challenge for my kid and my teaching skills. I don’t know. But we have tried many different ways to teach her to tie her shoes and she s…
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Farmers Market Salad with Champagne-Shallot Vinaigrette

Support your local farms and purchase as many organic, locally-grown ingredients as possible at your local farmers market or farm stand! For the salad: 1/2 bunch of kale (washed, stems removed, leaves finely chopped) 1/2 bag of arugula (washed) …
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