Military Family – Nov 1st 2017

November 3rd 2017

Editor’s Note – November 2017

Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving will be here in a hot second, and the stores are already filled to the gills with Christmas stuff. Yikes! This is the time of year when it’s easy for our heads to spin with the flurry of holidays and all their ac…
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Macaroni Kid’s ‘Fill a Cart’ Subscriber Giveaway!

Ahh, the holidays. A time to spend with family, give thanks for our  blessings,  and surround ourselves with peace,  joy  and love.  And ridiculous amounts of shopping. This year, Macaroni Kid is rewarding one lucky subscriber with a Target s…
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Salute to Mom – Mia Baba

Would you like to be Macaroni Kid’s Military Mom of the Month? ​Tell us about yourself  HERE ! ​Every Mom deserves a salute! ******************************************* Mia Baba NAS Lemoore My husband and I got married in 2011. We had ou…
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Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends November 5

Here is your reminder to “Fall Back” Saturday night after you put the kiddos to bed and gain an hour of sleep. Oh wait, you’re a parent! You won’t get any extra sleep but you might have a few extra semi-annual chores to complete on Sunday. This is a…
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How to Help Your Child Learn about Mistakes

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor in the field over 20 years. The information given in this article, however, is intended to provide generalized guidance for common parenting challenges and is not meant to represe…
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5 Easy and Satisfying Breakfasts for Kids

Having two growing boys with seemingly-endless appetites makes breakfast in my house a crucial meal to start them off on the right foot. With their schedules, they both have a while until lunch, so I am sure to fill them up with quick, easy meals th…
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