Macaroni Kid’s advice from Maggie, how to deal with tantrums & Target Giveaway

March 6th 2018

Macaroni Kid’s 2018 Reader Survey & $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

At Macaroni Kid, we’re always striving to deliver the best, most relevant content for our readers. In order to do that, would you help us help you by sharing a little bit about you, your family and the things you love to do? Click HERE to complet…
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My First Tantrum

My wife and I have been lucky as parents. Our son has always been reasonable. When he was a baby if he was wet or hungry or tired and he was crying, if you fixed the problem, he stopped crying and was fine. Reasonable. One day when he was a…
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Taking Control of Video Games, Mobile Apps & Your Kids

 When my kids were younger, they often complained that I was “the only mom” with strict rules about the types of movies, games and other entertainment they were allowed to consume. Although I still wear this badge proudly, I see many parents st…
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Ask Maggie: More Advice from a Mom of Three

Dear Maggie, I have a neighbor who always seems to be in personal crisis. I have tried to help any way I can with child care and meals but I have realized that maybe I am being taken advantage of. Even when I say I am not available, she still fin…
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Non Profit of the Month: Camp Starfish

It’s March and I know our family is ready for sunshine and warmer days ahead. Part of our excitement for this time of year is the planning of summer camps and vacations. However, traditional summer camps aren’t the right option for all families, so…
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