Macaroni Kid Local Business Tips – Power Presentations, G.L.U.E. and Video

Macaroni Kid – Local Business Tips [] September 28, 2015 The weekly newsletter of Local Business Tips activities to entertain, stimulate and exhaust your kids. ## Rethinking Business and Life with the Power of G.L.U.E. G.L.U.E. is an acronym that stands for: Giving Little Unexpected Extras. It’s the little bit extra done by a business in order to exceed the expectations of its customers. It’s that signature something that goes beyond the transaction. It’s the little tangible thing by the business that demonstrates that you care for the customer. The Origins This concept of giving little unexpected extras isn’t new. Its origin dates back to the early 1800s in a creole word, “lagniappe,” meaning “the additional gift”. It … Read More [] ## Five Ways to Take Your Next Presentation from Boring to Buzzworthy Ted Talks showcase some of the most widely viewed videos around the world. Why? Ted has created a forum that transforms the art of the typical presentation into immersive storytelling. It’s addicting and inspiring in the best way possible. Presentations are the perfect opportunity to share your story and business in a way that resonates at the heart of your professional mission. Many people fail to see presentations as yet another extension of your brand and marketing strategy. Here are a few easy ways to enhance your presentation and … Read More [] ## Using Video to Respond on Twitter Last week, I had a follower on Twitter who posed a question about a local event. The alert came in quickly on my phone and I decided to try something new. I wanted to take my response to the next level and make a personal connection with this particular follower (who was also a potential client). As opposed to just doing a basic reply to the tweet, I decided to utilize the video feature on this platform. Why video? It was an easy and creative way to put a personal … Read More [] ## How To Conduct Your Own Quick Website Audit Even with the advent of social media, a website is still considered one of the most important resources you have for marketing your brand and products. However, the structure of your website and the nature of your content still matter. In the day-to-day rush of daily activities, simple aspects of the website are overlooked and could be costing you potential business. A few months ago, I was working with a client after they expressed difficulty connecting effectively with customers. After a thorough audit, we spent some dedicated time on their … Read More [] ## App of the Month: Periscope If you haven’t heard of Periscope, it’s kind of like the Instagram of video. With this app, you can broadcast live videos to your followers. For a lot of people video can be intimidating, but it can be worth it to build your brand and your business. So first, get over the fear. Remember, no one will be watching at first. The key to becoming more comfortable with this is to use Periscope regularly. It doesn’t have to be long, just a few minutes of video (anything … Read More [] ## What’s Trending This Month Our collection of the best marketing articles and business tips circling the internet Changes to Facebook Ads Manager: What You Need to Know Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Work and Twitter User Behavior Changes: New Research Emails that Encourage Customer Engagement The Power of Visual Content Top 10 Tips to Pitch Your News Story Ways To Use Snapchat For Business Giving Your Website Visitors a Personalized Experience Tips for … Read More [] We try to make the information in this newsletter and on the web site as accurate as possible, but event and venue information is subject to change without notice, and we cannot and do not warrant it. Always call your destinations ahead of time to confirm dates, times, locations and admission fees. This message has been sent from Macaroni Kid to Click here to unsubscribe. []. Macaroni Kid, Inc., 860 Montauk Highway, Unit 8, Water Mill, NY 11976

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