Macaroni Kid June Summer Fun!

June 5th 2018

Mac Kid’s Must-Have List: 6 Things for a Family Beach Day

Planning a trip to the beach this summer? Here are 6 tried and true must-have items to take along. Yeti Tote Glerups Thermacell Patio Shield Moms tote a lot of flotsam and jetsam for a fami…
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Meet the Star of “Get Out of My Room” from Universal Kids

It’s rough being a mommy blogger. As a 50 something guy, it’s even harder. For example at a recent media event for the launch of Universal Kids new show ” Get Out of My Room “, I was in the company of two dozen women bloggers and a handful of PR and…
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Ask Maggie: Advice on Kindergarten from a Mom of Three

Dear Maggie. My daughter’s birthday is in August so she turns 5 just before school starts. She is advanced for her age but also really small. I don’t know if we should hold her back a year to give her time to grow physically and mature a little…
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Exclusive Offers and Specials for Macaroni Kid Readers

At Macaroni Kid, our friends and sponsors often have great discounts and specials for our readers. We collected a few recent ones we love and are sharing them here in one spot. Just use the offer codes and links below to save exclusively for being a…
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Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Reading One Book at a Time

I still remember the bookshelf on top of my toy box and picking up The Poky Little Puppy or The Monster at the End of This Book. I read to my own little ones in the same rocking chair my parents read books to me. Childhood books and memories of r…
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10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Winter is finally over and Spring is here!  Before the kids are home for the summer (and the summer heat kicks in) I love to spring clean (ok love may be a strong word there… but let’s face it mamas – it needs to be done).  Most people think …
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Sunscreen Tips

The sun is back out, and that means it’s time to find a safe and effective sunscreen for your family. Though it’s a good idea to wear sun protection at any time of the year, protecting your skin from sun damage during the spring and summer months is…
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