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January 2nd 2018

Stop Calling Your Kid Smart

For my son things came easy as a young child. All through grade school he cruised on talent alone. We even moved schools when things were too easy and the principal of his school said, “sorry we can’t challenge your child. We only teach to the test….
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Once on this Island

Finding your significant other can be a challenge. When dating, how do you know if it’s right? If this person is “the one” for you? When my wife and I began dating we discovered a shocking number of weird coincidences. So much so, we began to t…
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The USA Luge Challenge is Coming!

I was a decent ski racer when I was younger. I dreamed of going to the Olympics but I wasn’t anywhere near good enough to make the USA Team. However, I often beat ski racers from smaller countries like Cyprus, Puerto Rico (yes they have their own Ol…
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A Real-Life Macaroni Mom’s Journey to Lose Weight

Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. Tried other diets? It’s time for Jenny Craig ! When I was younger (before kids), I had the nickname “Skinny Minnie”. I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain an ounce. My parents…
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Fisher House Foundation Makes a House a Home

As many of us head back to school and work and reflect on the wonderful moments of this year’s holiday season, it’s important to remember values of kindness and service to others are ones we should practice all year long. We here at Macaroni Kid ar…
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Collect all Six Bizzy Bubs for Fun Play Dates

Little Live Bizzy Bubs from Moose Toys are the latest craze for kids ages 5+ and we can see why!  We love toys that allow imaginations to run wild and that allow kids to use their personalities.  There are six colorful Bizzy Bubs to collect and e…
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