Macaroni Kid Family Travel: Blissful Babymoons and Avoiding Theme Park Meltdowns

July 10th 2018

5 Blissful Babymoon Destinations… Right Here in the States!

Before baby makes three (or four or five… you get the idea) many couples are opting to get away and focus on just the two of them. Makes sense to us. Soon the days will be long, and the nights even longer (and likely sleepless). A pre-baby trip is a…
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Ways to Avoid Theme Park Meltdown

As parents, we all envision an ideal theme park experience with our children. The vision is so exciting in our minds – laughing on rides, eating delicious food, and sharing memories at the end of the day.  The reality is that while we have fun, …
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All You Need to Know About Global Entry

My last international trip involved a 17-hour transatlantic flight, crammed in the middle seat of a sold-out jumbo jet, our travel time made only longer thanks to a pair of passengers who decided, while we were next in line for take-off, that they w…
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Family Fun on the Central California Coast

I remember many things about my childhood family vacations – playing “Slug Bug” with my sister on long road-trips, racking up hours for my learner’s permit while driving the Arizona highway, digging a big hole at the beach and then having my dad …
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Summer Travel Plans? Don’t leave home without consulting Macaroni Kid!

Ahhh…summer. It’s a time for a more relaxed schedule, later bedtimes, dipping your toes in the water, eating more ice cream, and vacations. Did you know Macaroni Kid is a national organization with over 500 local editions throughout the United S…
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Plan a Family Getaway at Omni Hotels & Resorts

As the official partner for Macaroni Kid’s 2018 Mac Academies, Omni Hotels & Resorts hosted dozens of Macaroni Kid Publishers this spring, many with families in tow, and they all had the chance to enjoy everything that Omni has to offer.  And it i…
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