Macaroni Kid Family Fitness – September 11, 2015

Macaroni Kid – Family Fitness [] September 11, 2015 The weekly newsletter of Family Fitness activities to entertain, stimulate and exhaust your kids. ## The Foundations of Family Fitness and Wellness We stand strongly by Macaroni Kid’s Foundations of Family Fitness and Wellness.Because being a fit family is more than exercise, we want to try and hit on a few of these each month to try and help you and your family feel great. This month we are highlighting some items to help you stay fit and eat well. Eat Well – The energy you put in your body is the energy you get out! Move More – The more you move the better you feel… and the more fun you … Read More [] ## A Letter from the Managing Editor: Adjusting to Back to School I love publishing this newsletter. I spend the month gathering content, taking suggestions from you and I try to put together solid information that will help you and your family on your path to wellness. This monthly column is to let you know I am here with you! I’m a mom with young children, a crazy schedule, I don’t get enough sleep and have trouble eating well. We are in this together and, as a team, we can improve our lives, our families and our communities. It’s … Read More [] ## You Asked: Different Dietary Lifestyles & Trends This month’s question: What are the different dietary lifestyles and how are you supposed to decipher what is best for your family?I’m going to keep this really simple for you. This is a basic breakdown of the more common dietary lifestyles you will hear about. Some of you probably find that a certain lifestyle works well for you and your family. For others, this may make things even more confusing! Stay tuned…. I have advice!High-ProteinA diet that focuses on foods that are high in protein (animal … Read More [] ## Your Family Kitchen: Trying New Foods There is always a way to get kids excited about trying new things and that, my friends, is stickers. We have two tools in our house that my kids (5 and 8) love. It makes them active participants in trying new foods and making food choices throughout the day:Today I Ate a RainbowWith Today I Ate a Rainbow, kids use magnets on a chart to track how many colors of the rainbow they eat each day. My kids make it into a game! I often hear, “Mom! I need … Read More [] ## Macaroni Moms and Dads! We Want to Hear From YOU! We want to hear from you! If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon, you can inspire others to do the same. Whether you’re a personal trainer or play Wii Fit with your kids, you’re part of the family fitness revolution. If you’ve made fitness a priority for you and your family, we want to know about it. I want to feature your story, your successes, challenges, and tips.All you have to do is answer these questions and email the answers to Please send … Read More [] ## Move More: Squats The Family That Plays Together Stays Together! Macaroni Kid encourages quality family time and wellness in all that we do. We know that families working towards a common goal can do anything with teamwork and each other’s support. We know that bettering your family is your goal and we aim to give you some tools to do so. “Our Family Moves” is about making a commitment to move together; after all, “the family that plays together stays together!” Simply print this calendar, fill in your team’s names, discuss the challenge, and talk strategy! Divide up … Read More [] ## What Do YOU Want From Family Fitness & Wellness? I like to think of ourselves as a community here at Macaroni Kid Family Fitness and Wellness.There are so many of you who read this monthly newsletter and I want to make sure you find the content useful and pertinent to your lives. So I would like to ask, what else would you like from us each month? Some examples could be: More product reviews Information on different types of extracurricular activities At home workouts Recipes Ingredient/Nutrient information Detoxes and cleanses Information on different eating lifestyles and trends … Read More [] We try to make the information in this newsletter and on the web site as accurate as possible, but event and venue information is subject to change without notice, and we cannot and do not warrant it. Always call your destinations ahead of time to confirm dates, times, locations and admission fees. This message has been sent from Macaroni Kid to Click here to unsubscribe. []. Macaroni Kid, Inc., 860 Montauk Highway, Unit 8, Water Mill, NY 11976

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