Macaroni Kid Cares – November 02, 2015

Macaroni Kid […] November 3, 2015 The weekly newsletter of activities to entertain, stimulate and exhaust your kids. ## Macaroni Dad’s Annual Gift Guide, Part 1 What to get the man in your life I hate stuff! In an informal poll I made up, 98% of men hate stuff. But we love gear! Gear can be anything that lets us do something fun or practical. The internet defines gear as “equipment that is used for a particular purpose.” So here’s my overall tip…when shopping for your guy, think “is this stuff? Or is it gear?”… a note, this gear was provided to me to review, all opinions are mine (I only review cool stuff).The … Read More […] ## 2015 Macaroni Kid Publisher Meet Up Sponsored Last month more than 100 Macaroni Kid publishers and their families joined together for the 7th Annual Publisher Meet Up in gorgeous Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For many Publishers, the annual Meet Up is a highlight of their year… the chance to leave their family obligations behind and to focus on themselves, their professional community and their business. But over the past several years, we overheard a similar conversation take place… how amazing would it be to get the Macaroni Kids together as well! So we did just that – a Family … Read More […] ## Macaroni Kid Gives Back MKAOK Day Supports Local Charities Across the US What do 600 diapers, 300 toys and 2,500 letters of appreciation to police officers all have in common? Macaroni Kid’s act of kindness day. Macaroni Kid is not just about finding all the family fun, it is a community made up of Publisher and families from all over the United States who also love acts of kindness. This year, the 2nd annual, Macaroni Kid Acts of Kindness day included more than 60 local events that took place on September 19th that inspired the community to come together, lend … Read More […] ## 15 Life Lessons from the Peanuts Gang Sponsored That mischievous beagle is at again in 15 hilarious adventures that have him trying his luck as a successful writer, fearless troop leader, and ambitious pilot, among other exciting feats. Along with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock, and the rest of the Peanuts crew, Snoopy discovers some life lessons that everyone can benefit from learning. Photo: Courtesy of PeanutsLesson #1 Learn to LoseSnoopy the Tennis AceWhen the game gets heated, Snoopy learns to be a gracious loser, appreciative winner, and positive teammate.Download at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.Click to … Read More […] ## Non-Profit of the Month: No Kid Hungry There are few ideas that tug more on my heart strings than children being cold or hungry. So hearing statistics like 1 in 5 children do not get the food they need, or that 62% of teachers in America see children regularly coming to school hungry, is simply staggering. That would mean four of the kids my daughter calls friends in her kindergarten class could be experiencing food insecurity.As we enter into the upcoming holiday season, there are people making a difference, many of them through No Kid Hungry … Read More […] We try to make the information in this newsletter and on the web site as accurate as possible, but event and venue information is subject to change without notice, and we cannot and do not warrant it. Always call your destinations ahead of time to confirm dates, times, locations and admission fees. This message has been sent from Macaroni Kid to Click here to unsubscribe. […]. Macaroni Kid, Inc., 860 Montauk Highway, Unit 8, Water Mill, NY 11976

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