Keeping Your Family Safe This Thanksgiving

October 23rd 2018

How to Keep Kids Safe When Staying With Friends or Family

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year. Traveling with children has its challenges of course, but so does keeping a baby away from breakables and other dangerous items when staying at a friend or family member’s home. Asking…
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How to Safely Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey

Hands down, the most stressful job at Thanksgiving is making the perfect turkey.  The turkey is the centerpiece of the table and — good or bad — what everyone will be talking about until next Thanksgiving. A delicious turkey can really set you u…
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Throat Sore? Here’s What You Need to Know About Strep Throat

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says strep throat is a common type of sore throat in children, but much more unusual in adults. Wondering if strep is the cause of your child’s or your sore throat? Healthcare professionals can do a q…
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Thanksgiving Foods That Could Be a Hazard to Your Pet

The season for delicious food is upon us. It can be really hard to resist sharing your food with those furry friends (who we are ever so thankful for!)  But it’s important to know that some traditional Thanksgiving foods can actually cause serious …
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5 Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids

Time spent in the kitchen together as a family during the holidays will leave your children with lifelong memories.  Holiday baking is the perfect time to teach your children about the traditional foods your family enjoys. With these five tips, eve…
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Recent Consumer Recalls

Click on any of the links to find out more about the latest recalls:   Abond Group Recalls Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats Due to Drowning Hazard Canyon Recalls Mountain Bikes Due to Crash Hazard Metal Playground Cli…
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