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** Keeping Up With Kaya: July ———————————————————— Happy school holidays, mamas! Are you somewhere exotic? Or stuck behind a desk? Or pulling your hair out trying to find ways to entertain the brood in 45 degree heat?! Whether you’re returning to the desert soon and need something to look forward to (sewing name labels on uniforms not included), I’ve picked out a few of my favourite things to do and get excited about this month! Because there’s no need to be down on Dubai in the summertime, the city can be awesome (just give the beach a rest for a while…) …Read more (
** 5 Ways to Discipline Your Kids in a Mindful Way ———————————————————— Teaching your kids discipline can be a really hard task and often stressful. Here are Joanne’s tips to help you discipline your kids the Zen way. …Read more (
** The Prenatal Programme at Smart Fitness ———————————————————— When it comes to pregnancy, you’ve got two choices, mamas, you can either take full advantage and eat everything on offer and “eat for two” as so many of us do! Guilty as charged…! Or alternatively we can be wise and prepare our bodies for childbirth, which is an extreme sport in itself – clearly number two is the best option. …Read more (
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