Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey /////////////////////////////////////////// 20 Questions Posted: 02 Sep 2015 01:48 PM PDT Found this on another blog and I thought I’d fill it out. I’ve been slacking on blogging lately (except for posting giveaways) so I needed to do something like this. 1. FAVORITE FOOD? Favorite food I can eat – ribs. 2. FLIP FLOPS or HIGH HEELS? Flip Flops. I live in Florida. That is how we do. 3. FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP…FOR ME! Kohls 4. STANDARD COFFEE ORDER? Large black coffee. I was recently asked at a Dunkin’ Donuts what I wanted in my large black coffee. Um… 5. ROAD TRIP MUST HAVE SNACK? Pork Rinds and bacon. 6. DIY or HIRE IT OUT? DIY but I’m so awful at it. Can’t some knight in shining armor come save me? lol It doesn’t really matter right now because I don’t own a house anymore. 7. TOP 5 TV SHOWS? Big Brother, Any Real Housewives, The First 48, Ghost Adventures, and…..Survivor I guess. 8. FAVORITE BOOK? Rising Strong by Brene Brown (for now)…I like a ton of books. 9. FAVORITE FORM OF EXERCISE? Running, weights, or doing some type of intramural activity at work (like wallyball). 10. HOW TALL ARE YOU? 5’2″ 11. DO YOU TRY SOMETHING NEW AT RESTAURANTS OR STICK TO YOUR FAVORITES? I will if it is in the realm of my way of eating. But normally I venture towards burgers or ribs. 12. ONE MAKEUP ITEM YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? Mascara 13. WHAT’S ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND? A lamp without a light bulb, alarm clock, and my phone when I go to bed. 14. ONE THING MOTHERHOOD HAS TAUGHT YOU? I’m not a mom but watching other mothers…I guess it has taught me that family is everything. 15. MUSIC THAT REMINDS YOU OF HIGH SCHOOL? Tom Petty tunes or Pink Floyd 16. IF YOU COULD LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN YOUR CURRENT CITY, WHERE? Um no…lol I love where I live. Probably Kentucky or Tennessee. 17. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOU WE MIGHT NOT KNOW. I cuss way too much when I’m alone. 18. WEBSITES YOU READ // BROWSE (besides blogs). All social media,, tarot card sites, other contest sites. 19. MORNING PERSON or NIGHT OWL? Morning person although everyone at work would beg to differ I’m sure. 20. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE/LEAST FAVORITE CHORE? Favorite…probably throwing away stuff…least favorite is everything else! LOL Cleaning the bathrooms is the worst. Next is dusting..then dishes (I have no dishwasher).

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