Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
/////////////////////////////////////////// Feb 2 – #LOA #Contrast #Age
Posted: 02 Feb 2017 08:52 AM PST
Hi, guys. Haven’t posted anything about what is going on with me and the Law of Attraction for a bit.
Just some things happening here or there. I haven’t been able to keep myself real high flying too much lately.
I can’t seem to reach the highest disk too much or even do a better disk.
Today, just had some contrast with a co-worker. He’s bound and determined that as you get older – you shrivel up and die. It is his mantra almost. It isn’t mine tho. In fact, I 100% believe I am getting younger as I am doing this Law of Attraction stuff. Plus, I feel like my diet makes me younger as well.
Actually, what I’ve been trying to do lately is not think about my age. I’m getting to that magic number where everyone says this or that. Who says that has to be? It is my body. It is my life. It is how I feel. The end. I feel pretty darn good to be honest. I look WAY better than I ever have in my entire life. And I feel like I keep getting better and better – and why wouldn’t I continue that trajectory? Because society thinks some B.S.? Pulease. Society doesn’t even enter into my equation.
Anyways, so there was a bit of contrast with that guy…cuz I was trying to tell him he was wrong. It is all in what you believe. So I basically said goodbye to my higher disk and joined him on his lower one.
I honestly didn’t know where to take the convo to be honest. And so I jumped off my disk. lol Lesson learned. Not sure how I’ll handle it next time. Maybe I’ll pick up the stick at a higher place next time and it won’t be as bad.

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