Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey /////////////////////////////////////////// Bye Bye Armour…Hello Again, Synthroid Posted: 22 Sep 2015 10:36 AM PDT So I had an appointment last Wednesday with my Endocrinologist. He’s a good guy and really wants to figure things out but wow, does the wait make me wanna poke my eyeballs out: I look so excited, don’t I? lol So … just a little history…I started Armour at the beginning of May (after being on Synthroid since being diagnosed with Hashimotos 15+ years ago). I’ve had a lot of exhaustion issues for the past 6 years and no one can figure it out. Many lab tests and several different diets didn’t change a thing. Anyways, so my endo wanted to try Armour and I’ve wanted to try it for years (because the STTM site is always braggin’ on it). Well I initially thought it was doing well but I never saw any real changes besides my nails/eyelashes growing stronger. Eventually, the T3 in the pills became too much and I wanted off of it or at least reduced. Well my doctor wasn’t arguing after these results! I couldn’t believe my TSH was as high as that. Highest I’ve seen since being diagnosed . And that is on 90 mg which is the equivalent of 150 mcg of Synthroid (I was on 112 mcg). I can’t reduce the med due to my TSH being so awful (my Free T4 was low as well – Free T3 was low normal). So I’m off of Armour for now. Turns out, I’ve had two other friends on Armour where it has done the same thing!!! I thought this was supposed to be the miracle thyroid med. Not so much for me. So the doctor then said for me to try this: Basically he said it was like a gluten free Synthroid. Well, I didn’t last very long on it. 5 days I think. It made me very jittery (like if you had a constant stream of caffeine in you). I also felt my anxiety go through the roof. Not sure why it did that but now I’m back on good ol’ Synthroid. So I’m sad to say that this experiment didn’t end up with a miracle. I’m back to square one but at least I’m feeling back to where I was. 

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