Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
/////////////////////////////////////////// Abraham Hicks | Don’t speak about your goals, desires and ideas to others
Posted: 30 Jan 2017 04:10 AM PST
I absolutely find this to be true. When you tell others, even if they don’t say it or actually feel that way, you tend to know how supportive (and doubtful) they’ve been in the past and based on that, you put that on them (that they doubt your idea/wish/dream/goal) – which in turn – puts the engine on the wrong side of the train and especially in the beginning of the idea/wish/dream/goal, this could just snuff it out completely because the momentum hasn’t even gotten a hold of yet. Try to keep things to yourself no matter how excited you are of the idea/wish/dream/goal. It is hard to do but it is worth it to keep that dream alive.

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