Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
/////////////////////////////////////////// Jan 27 – Contrast Galore! – #LOA
Posted: 27 Jan 2017 03:45 PM PST
Just wanted to write real quick before I go to bed for the night. Right before I left work, I did some quick rampages to get me all nice and good for the drive home. Then as I’m walking out the door, my friend started chatting with me and this co-worker comes over and basically barfs contrast all over me. I tried to recover to no avail. Most of the way home I was trying to change my thoughts but it would go back to that and how I was going to take action and I had to keep telling myself that my Inner Being has it! Don’t worry about it! You’ll know what to do when Monday comes around.
Eventually, I trusted that (and I know it – I’ve seen it a few times work already). So that contrast simmered down. The drive home wasn’t too bad but I probably wasn’t my perfect self. Haha.
Then I get home…and see what caused me to have contrast in regards to my object of attention. Just instant ‘lack’ feelings. When he’s not around, I do great…but when I know he’s in the vicinity – my mind just takes over to the lack mode. I do know that my desire is so big that it doesn’t matter what sort of engines are on the other side. So not a huge deal but…I was like…really Inner Being? lol This day was contrasting enough! I guess I did tell her to bring it on in my previous post. haha
I did recover from that when I came home – tried to focus on me, me, me and now my comfy bed is calling my name for sure. That will ease the momentum of the day.
Oh by the way – I am editing my previous post about the manifestation tease to include the concert pic if you wanna check it out.
Have a great weekend guys!
/////////////////////////////////////////// Jan 27 Manifestation Tease – #LOA
Posted: 27 Jan 2017 03:48 PM PST
So I have to tell you what happened after the whole bathroom contrast. I’m blown away by…the Non-Physical and what they can do.
I’m had to go to the bathroom (this is the next time after my bathroom contrast) and as I’m walking there, this military guy comes out of the men’s restroom. He said thank you to the cleaning lady (who let him use it while she waited) and he looked at me…turned to go down the hall and turned back to look at me again (did a double take).
The guy…looked EXACTLY like my object of attention…except for the eyes. I’ve never seen the guy before in my life and we don’t have many people in our building. He was built just like my guy…same height…had on military BDUs (battle dress uniform)…same hair…features…etc.! It was insane! I was like…walking to the bathroom in shock…it was like I was watching my guy walk down the hall…right in front of me!
So after I use the bathroom, I come back to my desk and I’m looking for a good, upbeat song to play and all of a sudden I start thinking of my guy…and how…I had went to this concert on base here…it was a life changing night honestly. There is this song that the band has that I relate directly to my object of attention. During the concert, they waited until the encore to play it – but once they did – I went all the way up front and started recording it with my phone. Ok, this is the part that gets a little crazy so bear with me. I go to watch it later…and the guy in front of me (there were so many I didn’t even notice in the moment) – the back of his head was the spitting image of my object of attention….and here I was recording ‘our’ song….and then later on…I see that the lights above him…actually form a heart! I truly felt like he was there with me even though he wasn’t physically there. Anyways, now y’all think I’m crazy but I don’t care. hahaha.
So I’m thinking of that moment of him at the concert right…and I’m wondering if that guy was the actual guy….and guess what song comes on my ipod!!!! THAT SONG! I about lost it right there. I’m getting chills just typing this.
Anyways, the way this world works just blows me away. It truly does. I’m wondering now…if I released some resistance with the whole bathroom thing…which allowed me to go further down my path right into a manifestation tease of my future Vortex man/relationship? Maybe? If so, bring on the contrast, Inner Being! LOL! That was just a powerful moment today. He was my object of attention’s twin. And then that song. At the exact moment I was thinking of that song. Unbelievable.
Here’s the pic of the heart and the guy in front of me at the concert:

/////////////////////////////////////////// Being Judgmental – #LOA
Posted: 27 Jan 2017 07:35 AM PST
I posted earlier today about…a nice contrasting moment. So I was reading up on contrast again because…this seemed like something I needed to really look at. Abraham says that contrast is there to clarify what you want.
The big thing from that contrast is that I determined what I want. I want to be non-judgmental. The main point of Law of Attraction is to get to a point where you are unconditional in how you are. Unconditional loving … unconditionally happy… unconditionally being. You cannot be that if you are judging others!
I thought I’d been doing pretty good in that aspect (not judging which goes along with not gossiping funny enough)…but I’m still obviously doing it in other ways.
I do it with my car as well – I think my car is better than other cars as well. That will take time for sure!
There are probably other areas as well! Judging is so ingrained in us, ain’t it? I’ll get there. I’m doing better and better every day. It is interesting to get the clarity about it. Thanks, Inner Being. Conquering some resistance one little step at a time! 🙂

/////////////////////////////////////////// Jan 27 Paper Towels #Contrast – #LOA
Posted: 27 Jan 2017 06:52 AM PST
Hey guys! I’ve been a bit MIA from posting any blogs – I only really do it if I feel inspired to do it so I haven’t posted anything. I’ve honestly been high flying for the most part of this week which I haven’t been consistently since right before I manifested my Mustang (end of Nov/beg of Dec). So it was/is nice! Before that, I’ve been in a state of … I would almost say just a steady vibration/flying disk…not too high but in a decent place. A lot of times I did teeter totter between the emotional scale of boredom and contentment. But it really got me to really hone in on my guidance from my Higher Self/Inner Being so those times are good.
So let’s talk about today! Contrast, contrast, contrast!
The drive in to work was okay. Nothing too crazy going on. Actually, it was probably pretty smooth and then I got my parking spot. Yay!
Oh right before that, contrast! I pulled into the parking lot and had to go through this section where there was nobody parked to pull into where I need to park when this car is actually heading out of my parking lot (which is weird as…no one goes out at that time?) and he doesn’t have his lights on so I really didn’t see him until I almost pulled out right in front of him where he would have t-boned me. I was slightly shaken up not to mention annoyed that this almost transpired. And now that I think about it, I think there was a moment early on my drive where … I won’t go into the story but…it would have slowed me down a bit but…I made sure it didn’t. Had I just went with ease and let things happen the way they were meant to happen…the ‘almost getting hit’ wouldn’t have happened. I’m getting better with traffic and listening to the guidance but…there are still moments I don’t.
So I park and I’m so frazzled, I end up driving my car too far forward and scraping the under carriage. Really! I looked and there wasn’t any damage but wow.
So I tried to switch things around and try thinking better thoughts. I walk to my building and the door was actually open for once so that was great! The day started getting better – just good conversations etc.
But…just now…I had to go to the bathroom. I had just went so I was annoyed a bit. But I felt like my Inner Being was like GO now! Like yelling at me. Like there was some rendezvous I had to meet up with. Oh boy, was there. Thanks a lot, Inner Being!
So my restroom…has a paper towel holder that … a lot of times – you have to touch the dial to get any paper towels…and then your hands are tainted with whoever’s germs just touched it. I always, after drying my hands, try to make sure there is a bit of paper towel hanging out for the next person. Not many others do that here and it does annoy me. So I’m in there and this other lady is in there. So I pull the paper towels and of course it is stuck so I have to use my paper towels to pull it down for her…and I haven’t even dried my hands yet so I was super annoyed at this point as she’s coming and she has the nerve as I’m pulling down the dial with my dripping wet hands still…saying in a not great tone ‘Don’t leave me hanging’ – as if I NEVER do that…and everyone else does! I’ve been doing this for 2 1/2 years of being here….and someone has the nerve to say that to me – AND doesn’t even say thank you either by the way. I just left immediately without saying a word to her. I was like WTH…What is this, Inner Being? I guess it is probably due to my overall annoyance about the paper towels…and that brought that on. I know…sounds ridiculous but it irked me.
But then I went in to the breakroom to heat up my food and this other lady comes in and I say hi to her even though I just wanted to be left alone after that bathroom contrast and she starts up a nice conversation. How did I attract that? LOL
So I’m currently trying to figure out the bathroom stuff – I want to NEVER do that again…never help others out with the paper towels. It probably came at me because I have judgment towards others who don’t do what I do. Maybe my Inner Being wants me to be less judgmental about it? Because the lady was probably showing my judgment to me even though I was the one that actually pulls down the paper towels! So how do I get over the judgment.
Lemme talk this out. I see people who don’t do that as rude. They’re rude because…they don’t think of others. But … who cares if they are rude? That is on them and they are attracting more of that into their lives. I only attract it when my vibe is off – and I am aware of it as well which I’m appreciative of – these people aren’t aware…so they keep attracting it and attracting it. I can do something about it. So this type of behavior will be less and less and less in my environment as I work on keeping a higher vibration….which includes not judging people’s behavior (whether they are present or not) and accepting the situation for what it is and if I get annoyed by no paper towels – then I need to find something to appreciate. It gives me the opportunity to go back to my desk and put on some nice smelling hand sanitizer and it makes me appreciate when there are paper towels ready to go.

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