Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
/////////////////////////////////////////// Stop Explaining Yourself – #LOA
Posted: 21 Jan 2017 08:34 AM PST

/////////////////////////////////////////// Jan 21 #LOA My Dream Last Night
Posted: 21 Jan 2017 06:36 AM PST
So…this early morning – I wake up about 1:30am. Not sure why but…I’ve been sleeping weird like that lately. Couldn’t go back to sleep. So my mind goes to my object of attention…and I’m feeling like…he’s feeling stuck. I couldn’t get that out of my mind. Not sure in what regards – but somehow feeling stuck in his life. I almost feel like it was how I felt stuck when I lived in Omaha – just an awful place to be. Not sure if he feels stuck in a relationship or his job or related to friends/family or money or what.
Regardless, for some reason I wanted to pray for him. So…I did a different kind of prayer. I now know – through my whole tire experience which I’ll discuss in detail in a future post – that letting the answer being in alignment and being patient and trusting that they’ll come – the PERFECT answers come. The perfect solutions come. I now know that with 100% of my being.
I also know that clarity normally comes to me when I wake up in the morning – normally you should have no resistance when you wake up and there is no momentum to get you into a more negative place too fast. So the clarity just comes.
So I prayed for alignment for him and for clarity to come to him when he wakes up and prayed the solutions or a path forward or whatever he needs to get unstuck…will come to him when he wakes up. As far as I know, he is not doing this Law of Attraction stuff – so his alignment is probably not consistently online enough for him to hear the solutions…for him to feel the solutions. So if my prayer…can help him stay in alignment long enough to hear those solutions, then that is all I want.
So right after I prayed – it is now 2am – all of a sudden – this bright flash of light happens….I started freaking out because I thought it was my A/C unit catching on fire – blowing up! And then it happened again a short time later! Then the power went out – in the whole neighborhood! Now – I was looking outside – and there didn’t look like there were any clouds – or any lightning nor could you hear thunder? So where were these big flashes of light coming from? RIGHT after my prayer? The power came on like 5 minutes later – but it was out in the WHOLE neighborhood! Like what the heck? Like what are the odds…that I’m up at that time…and what are the odds that it happens right after I prayed that? Um….sign from the Non-Physical? lol I think so.
So somehow I eventually got back to sleep – and guess what?!!! I had a dream about my object of attention!!!!! The dream wasn’t all rosey but I want to focus on the really awesome part. Oh by the way, I haven’t dreamed of him since Sept 5th! Seriously, I would pray to dream about him all these months and NOTHING. So I’m beyond happy about it! I was at a party or something…and I see him and I didn’t think he saw me (but he did)….he goes right over to the pool….and dives in (I guess to cool off) and gets out and bee lines straight for me and gives me a hug. So he’s hugging me and it is the most amazing hug of my entire life and I can’t believe this is happening, right? And his friends are all trying to chat with him and so to not be rude, I start to pull out of the hug and he looks at me and says “Are you sure you want to do that?” – he KNEW I didn’t want to leave the hug…he felt it from me somehow…and he was calling me out on it – because I was about to do something I didn’t want to do to make someone else happy. WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS LAW OF ATTRACTION STUFF! Stop doing things to make others happy – BE happy FIRST…and others will fall in line with you and be happy! It doesn’t make sense to do something that doesn’t make you happy to make others happy because there will always be something you do that makes them unhappy so stop it!!!!!!
So what did I do in the dream? I kept hugging his shirtless…dripping wet…hot self!!!! And he let me!!!! He is exactly what I need because he calls me out….and reminds me of how I’m not being authentic with myself….to making myself happy FIRST. And that dream showed me that – and he is actually like that in real life…towards me….I can see in our interactions..the dynamics and everything.
I know I said that is what I need in the paragraph above. Let’s not get it twisted – I can do this stuff alone – it just might take me longer to get to that point of being completely authentic. I think if I was with him, I’d be there quicker…I’d conquer that part of this quicker. But I don’t HAVE to have him in my life to have those realizations – I can do them on my own. But to have someone else in my life who can call me out on it…is such a blessing. Heck, if he can do it my dreams and that is it…I’m good with that, too!

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