Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
/////////////////////////////////////////// Not Knowing – #LOA
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 05:05 PM PST
I honestly wish I would have seen this long ago! In regards to relationships especially. I think I’m starting to actually turn into the exhilaration. I have NO idea how this Vortex man is going to come to me…but I know he is. And I will appreciate all the fun along the way to there. I got so many other things to occupy my time so it is okay! Enjoy the journey! Non-Physical is and this is what we came down here for – the joy in the journey!!

/////////////////////////////////////////// Universe Is On It! 12 January 2017 Contrast – #LOA
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 09:43 AM PST
So I wrote an earlier post about contrast all over the place in my life today and somewhat yesterday evening. The main element of both the contrast of yesterday and today is me caring what others think. Big time today. And I thought I had conquered that mostly but it is apparently still in my vibration as I noted in my previous post. I also said I was going to listen to music to raise my vibration a bit. What is the first song that I turn to on my ipod? ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Billy Joel. Thanks, Universe. You are on it!!! Like what are the odds that the first song would be so relevant to what is going on with the contrast!? I love it!!!!
By the way, when I went looking for the video for this post with lyrics – the youtube name had 333 in it!! Means alignment! In the Vortex! Yessssssss.

/////////////////////////////////////////// 12 Jan 2017 Contrast Galore #LOA
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 08:58 AM PST
Ok, guys. This post will be short because I don’t want to talk negatively but contrast at my work is coming at me from left and right and I’m trying to get to a better place but more contrast keeps coming.
I think music is probably the only thing that can possibly help me and maybe some appreciation – which I tried slightly earlier but it is hard when you’re in such a contrasting vibration to reach for thoughts of appreciation (in my experience). Music definitely can distract my mind in such a way for a minute – and then I can reach for those thoughts of appreciation to hopefully change my course of the day!
Will update later if I think about it. Whew! Have a good day y’all.
P.S. One good thing today….they changed a tower or something and I now have cell service in my building at work!! Full internet…app usage etc! YAY!!!! Ok….I’m feeling better just thinking about it. 🙂
/////////////////////////////////////////// 11 Jan 2017 Use of #LOA Part 2
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 04:16 AM PST
Just wanted to continue my post with telling you about what happened at church last night. We had a special service which I knew would be mostly singing and it was. I should have probably put more intentions about what I expected going into church but I really didn’t because I honestly didn’t have a clue what to expect as this is a new thing (church on Wednesdays). But my favorite thing about church is the singing so I was somewhat pumped up!
So I drive my awesome mustang (manifestation) to church which always makes me happy. Although, the heels I was wearing slipped off the clutch a bit so I now know not to wear those heels in that mustang. So that probably was the first bit of contrast to show up – to get me wobbling as Abraham would say. Although, I didn’t realize it until now while I’m typing that was probably what started everything!
So I get to church and find a decent spot but not the spot I wanted. No big deal. I go in to church and I find my row of peeps! It was good to see them. One of the best things about going to church! So they start off the service with prayers and lots of singing. Now the songs weren’t exactly the ones that I really loved so I was feeling mediocre at best at this point. Then my tights I was wearing were bugging the crap out of me. My heels were killing me (I don’t normally wear heels). And then this little girl (5 or 6 years old) in front of me started giving me the death stare while I’m trying to sing my heart out.
Contrast all over the place but I wasn’t really aware that it was contrast for some reason. So after a couple songs, I had to go to the bathroom. So I go to the bathroom and there are probably 4 people washing their hands or whatever. I go in the first stall and start going and they leave the bathroom AND TURN THE LIGHTS OUT! Pitch black in there and I’m mid-pee and I start freaking out! So I hurry up and get done and turn the light on.
Boy, was I frazzled. I think I brought on the lights off thing – because of all the contrast before. Now, before I get to what I should have done with the contrast, I want to tell you why I actually freaked out when the lights went out. No, I’m not scared of the dark. It shocked me for sure but I can go to the bathroom in the dark. What was my first thought? It was – what if someone comes in here and finds me going to the bathroom in the dark – like I’m weirdo going to the bathroom in the dark. WHY DO I CARE WHAT THE HECK OTHERS THINK!!!! Seriously? I actually came to that realization this morning while I was driving to work that is what I was thinking. And I actually sort of beat myself up about it which you are not supposed to do. I guess the reason why I’m beating myself up over it is because I had thought I’d gotten to the stage of ‘I don’t give a crap what others think of me’ but apparently that’s still in my vibration. And caring what others think of you, to me, really blocks the good stuff from coming in. So it is just something I have to be aware of and react differently when those thoughts come in my mind I guess.
Now in regards to the contrast, what thought could I thought of in opposite of those contrasting thoughts/feelings/circumstances?
1. Heel slipping off the pedal – I appreciate this contrast because it shows me I want to have a smooth drive in without having to worry about my shoes slipping off the pedal so in the future I can wear better shoes the car I’m driving. This contrast showed me what I should do differently to have a better experience. 2. Tights annoying me – I appreciate these tights because they are beautiful and they help my outfit look amazing and put together and are a style I love. 3. Heels hurting my feet – I’m appreciative of these heels because they are so cute and match my tights perfectly and make my legs look even more amazing than they already look and they really make my outfit. 4. Little girl – I appreciate that this little girl is watching me as an example of someone in church really enjoying singing songs and I appreciate that this little girl is possibly seeing someone who is in alignment and is inspired despite the death stare. LOL
It is all about appreciating the contrast for what it is and what is good about that thing/circumstance and what you want in opposite of it.
After the bathroom experience, I came back and sort of kind of looked at my friend’s kids and sort of appreciated them in a way that was almost…natural (didn’t have to think about it) and after that, a REALLY good song came on that I really resonated with so that was great!
/////////////////////////////////////////// 11 Jan 2017 Use of #LOA Part 1
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 03:53 AM PST
I had the idea just now to maybe try to write daily on how I use the Law of Attraction within a normal day. So here goes my first post!
I actually started last night consciously putting out my intentions for the next day (all green lights, no traffic in my way, good day at work, happy people I encounter, dentist visit goes well, church tonight is fun, etc.).
Needless to say, I had all green lights except one (20 lights on my way in approximately with at least 4-5 of them being the brutal long lasting waits). Score! Pretty close to my intention! Traffic was clear the whole way except on base where I work but I was able to get over into a free flowing lane at one point to be able to eventually turn (it is 3 lanes and I was in the farthest lane I needed to be).
I think I forgot to say something about parking spots because….I did not get my usual good one..or even another decent one but I did have to park slightly farther away than normal but got one where no one could park on one side (which is what I like). So even though I didn’t get the best spot, I was appreciative to get any spot where only on person could park next to me.
I learned something new yesterday that is somewhat like driftwood (things that appear before the manifestation) – but this guy called it a manifestation tease. Things/circumstances that happen before the manifestation such as if you’re trying to get a relationship to manifest, guys will come into your life but they may not be the right guy or they might come in and show interest but then disappear just as quickly as they appeared…etc. This has been happening to me since I started the whole Law of Attraction thing. Also, another type of manifestation tease in regards to relationships might be guys (that may not the love of your life lol) messaging you (text, fb, call). Because that is what you want your guy in your Vortex to do. So the universe is teasing you, BUT you may not react in the best way.
Like for example, I have a guy who actually recently proposed to me via a Christmas card (manifestation tease? yes I think so lol). I let him down bluntly but kindly. He continues to message me A LOT via fb and text. I actually have been SUPER annoyed with a lot of it. Cuz he’s still flirting with me and stuff. Sometimes I like responding and talking with him. But actually ALL the messages are a manifestation tease because….would I be annoyed with some of the messages from my Vortex man? Um, no. I probably wouldn’t be regardless if there are a lot or not – and honestly, I would prefer a TON than hardly any. So why am I getting my panties in a wad at this guy – being a manifestation tease! Me being annoyed – is telling the universe that I don’t want my Vortex man to message me hardly ever! Which is NOT what I want to be putting out to the universe. SO the solution is to be appreciative of the messages – no matter who it is! Because the universe will bring me MORE of that – not necessarily from that particular guy – but possibly from my REAL manifestation! Who knew! I have to admit – I learned this manifestation tease stuff yesterday and understood it but found a couple texts from that guy this morning and my instant reaction was not great. LOL So it is a habit I need to revise for sure. But good to know that, right? Clarity is EVERYTHING!!!!!
So anyways, sorry for sidetracking there but there was another manifestation tease in regards to my Vortex man. I was walking to the bathroom and a HOT military guy was walking towards me who I’ve never seen in my building which is really unusual because I’ve basically seen everyone (not a huge building). I was at the bathroom before I could interact with the guy but….I definitely stopped for a moment and appreciated the manifestation tease.
Then after that, I went into the break room to heat up some food. There was a guy in there who is politically different than pretty much everyone else in the office. LOL Basically, our tv in the break room is on one news channel and he always changes it to another and hides the remote and everything. It is so funny. Anyways, so he’s in there and I’m like Hi and he’s like how are you and I’m like good and you and he starts talking about his food and I have a short convo with him about that and then he says something about the Exxon guy getting 180 million to leave the company or something and all I’m thinking is ‘Yes, I have 180 million’ – just how you think when you’re doing the Law of Attraction stuff LOL and so I said ‘Nice!’ and he said sarcastically ‘Yeah’ LOL! I mean I wasn’t even being political but I’m like – Good for that guy because of the law of attraction! We should always celebrate someone else’s success!!! Anyways, so then I was leaving and I said Enjoy to that guy as parting words (to enjoy his food) and he’s like Yep. So I think I was pretty much in the Vortex with that convo. I seem to do pretty well with convos with people at work – being high vibration/in alignment. Friends are another story I think because I’m so used to the way those vibrations are, I almost automatically get down to that level? I definitely am finding new tools to use in those convos and I’m getting better and better at it the more I have the convos.
A little later, I was walking to the bathroom and I was ‘dancing’ with this guy (the hallway was too small and we both were trying to go the same way) – it was the guy from my one story (HERE). We just laughed and he actually touched me on the shoulder in a nice way so that was good. Then I got a really awesome compliment on my dress in the bathroom!
Ok, guys I swear I was going to write about the whole day but – that didn’t happen. My day got away from me and here it is the 12th! There were some additional things that happened but this post is long enough! I do want to tell you about how my alignment got wonky at church so I’ll do a Part 2 about that and what I learned and what to do in the future so look out for that!

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