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Jovan’s Journey /////////////////////////////////////////// Day 2 Vacation (Part 3 of 3) – To Islamorada! Posted: 24 Jul 2016 03:30 PM PDT So after the Everglades, we headed to Islamorada in the Keys. Here are some pictures of where we stopped to eat (Hog Heaven – recommended by another blogger), the Keys Welcome Center, and our hotel (which had an amazing set up outside). My pictures may be out of order somewhat as I’m pretty unorganized but I really need to post the rest of my vacation before it gets too far into the future. This was at Hog Heaven. We got to sit outside right by the water. Heck, everywhere in the Keys you can sit outside by the water at basically all restaurants. Talk about living! I got a Margarita…with some ribs and pulled pork. YUM. Definitely would recommend this place. Our hotel. Postcard Inn. The only bad thing about the place is…no elevators…no laundry facilities…and no microwave (from what I remember). The rooms were really nice and updated but I hate when the bathrooms are super white and mine was. I think my friend’s bathroom was super modern (with darker colors) and I was totally jealous. But check out this view from high up – lots of places to lay out – hammocks everywhere. Boats/Jet Skis you can rent – down the way was a fire pit and there were places where you could dock your boat if you had one. The other view – they had a view and a man made beach right there – with this huge trampoline which was super hard to get up on but I was able to! It was too windy when we were there so we couldn’t utilize the kayaks or other things but it would have been cool if we could have. Just lots of things to do in/around the water if you just want to stay at your hotel. Us at the Welcome Center. Hog Heaven. This would end up being the trend in hotels in the Keys – Keurig machines! No way! I was totally blown away and excited. The mainland hotels need to get with it! This was my balcony which was nice. It faced the parking lot and a pool where divers learned the trade. Not the best view but there were palm trees surrounding it so it still felt nice and tropical. This was painted on my wall in my hotel. Just a nice reminder. Some views from our Hog Heaven table and the surrounding area (in the next few pics). Ribs I got. The view coming out of our hotel area – pretty awesome.

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