Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
/////////////////////////////////////////// Day 8 Fall Trip ~ #Tennessee to #Asheville
Posted: 12 Nov 2017 09:00 PM PST
So Day 8 was my travel day to the Asheville, NC area. I packed up my stuff and I was thinking of going to my friend’s work where he takes people on ATV rides. I SO wanted to do that but fear for some reason was creeping in…just the uncertainty of never going to a place like this and not knowing what to expect. But me wanting to do it was stronger than my fear I had so I went! So glad I did! Probably the highlight of my trip.
I haven’t driven my own 4wheeler since I was a kid. Normally I’m just on the back of one with a man driving. Which I actually prefer even now because they are used to riding them and are daredevils and know how to not crash. Haha!
So I got to go on this ATV adventure for free – $70 value so that made me feel good. There were 5 different courses. I went on the first course which was a bumpy loop in the open field. Then the second loop was an open field but with some hills and they had poles on the side to represent trees. Then we went in the woods for the 3rd course. The trail was so slanted I kept thinking I was going to flip and I guess I got so scared at one point, I ran into the woods almost hitting a tree and got stuck! It was pretty funny tho. After that, the 4th course was in the woods and there was this crazy sharp hill between two trees and right into a mud pit. It was scary as I had to conquer it from both sides but after that…I was a BEAST! I was so good at it – it was like after crashing in the woods and then conquering that hill, I gained a big amount of confidence! I loved it! Here’s some pics. (Check out the mountains in the background in the last pic – can you say amazing??!!)

Then I had to head to North Carolina. My friend told me about the scenic route and boy am I glad he did! My navigation was going to take me the normal boring way. Instead I sort of went my friend’s way and Oh man! The views were incredible! It was like a country road for miles and miles and miles with amazing, colorful views! Then I had some time to kill before check in so I went about 22 miles up the Blue Ridge Parkway (I think that’s what it is called) which is more and more amazing fall views!

Then I went to my cabin. It was the cutest thing EVER! So tiny yet cozy and had everything you would need. You were basically forced to be outside on the porch or by the river. Amazing view as well with the river and the small mountains across from it. Also, there was actually wildlife (birds, otter(?), geese) – there wasn’t hardly any at the other cabin. I love just watching the wildlife. So I spent the rest of the day rocking in the rocking chair on the front porch. It was incredible! Here’s some pics of it.

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