Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey
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Posted: 13 Jun 2017 05:02 AM PDT
So recently I randomly got interested in playing with the stock market. I had a couple extra bucks and I just wanted to play around with it so I found TD Ameritrade and jumped right in. I think the fee per transaction is around $7 so not too bad. I started out buying SIRI stock (XM Radio) as I was currently without it in my car that was being fixed (needed a new antenna) and I started to realize how much I love XM Radio and I couldn’t live without it! 2 weeks in, I made 13% profit on my original investment so my randomness seems to be working out. Haha!
I think my investment strategy is to buy stuff I like or that has meaning to me. So I’ve bought a couple of other stocks since then. I also want to buy Amazon as I believe it is going places but – at a $1k+ a share – a bit too pricey for me at this time. I also am getting educated, at my own pace, on companies and how the markets work. Which leads to me to what this blog post is about – I wanted to give you a couple of newsletters to sign up for because I think they’re really good at giving you what is going on in the markets within the last day.
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