Jovan’s Journey

Jovan’s Journey /////////////////////////////////////////// $50 Sivana Spirit Giveaway! Posted: 11 Oct 2015 03:34 PM PDT Win a $50 Gift Card for Hosted by: Co-Hosted by: FOREVER DREAMIN’ AND Deals, Freebies, Reviews, Giveaways Sponsored by: Sivana Spirit starts October 13 ends October 27 One Winner will recieve a $50 Gift Card to use on Entry-FormThe winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to respond or forfeits the prize.This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.All participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment.All entries are optional. Void where prohibited by law /////////////////////////////////////////// 4 Days To Go! #BeachLiving Posted: 11 Oct 2015 01:11 PM PDT So in 4 days I move to my new place by the beach. See THIS post for more details. The moving process has not been easy and I haven’t even gotten to the really hard part yet – moving my stuff to the new place. While I have hired movers (expensive) to deal with the majority of the stuff, it still has me a nervous wreck that something will go wrong. But I have no control over it so I try to focus on other things in the meantime. Like…what is gonna be SO awesome about this new place! So I’m going to list out all the awesome things I’m looking forward to. 1. The OCEAN view, of course. 2. The 1 minute walk to the beach/ocean. 3. The huge deck I can chill out on doing stuff like reading a book or catching some rays! 4. The neighborhood is so chillax. Day and night from what I’ve been able to tell so far. At night, you see some people walking around or jogging. Such my atmosphere! And it is SO quiet at night. 5. I’m a half mile from Main Beach which has events all the time with parks and a restaurant. 6. I’m probably a mile from Fort Clinch, which to get to it, there is a long tree covered road you go down. PERFECT for running. 7. To piggyback off that last part, the beach is perfect for running plus running down the main road (A1A) is perfect as well. It honestly is a runner’s paradise. Heck, it is a biker’s paradise as well. I don’t have a bike yet but maybe someday. 8. Tasty’s (THE best burger joint) is short drive (bike ride) away. Heck, if you are really ambitious, you could probably run there as well. 9. Ok, let’s get back to the apartment. The kitchen has an ocean view window! I bet that ocean breeze will be amazing. 10. Let’s talk the kitchen now! Right now, I have NO dishwasher. I have basically had a dishwasher since I started living on my own (18 years ago) and then last year I got my current place which didn’t have a dishwasher but I loved the place so much I didn’t care. Well, let’s just say it has been BRUTAL. LOL So you know I’m SO excited about this place having a dishwasher! It isn’t the newest dishwasher by any means but hey – it is better than none at all! 11. Also, you can see I have a nice fridge. I’ve also been without an ice maker for the last year or so! TORTURE! First of all, making ice is a pain in the rear. So yeah you can go buy bags of ice but they take up half the freezer and then the ice melts to each other so you are stabbing the crap out of it to get it to a useable size. PAIN. So I’m excited to have an ice maker! 12. I’m excited to be off of well water!!! I don’t care if it costs extra. I’ve had well water in my current place. I had to get filters for the kitchen and the master bathroom sinks. Because the water STINKS bad. And so every month, I have to replace the filters plus I have a water pitcher as well so I have to replace that. That is $30 for 3 a month. Plus whenever you wash clothes or take a shower, it stinks. 13. I’m SO excited to have a bigger fridge! The freezer just seems so tiny in my current fridge and I’ve had a fridge like the one in this new place before and could store a whole lot more than my current fridge. So less grocery trips, yay! 14. I can make bone soup again! What is bone soup? Visit THIS blog post for my recipe. So I usually make it myself using my crock pots. I tried it at my current place with the well water. Didn’t go so well. The water for some reason evaporates significantly so there wasn’t any broth hardly left! I’m blaming the water but we’ll see if that is the case when I move to this new place. But I’m excited to make it again. And I’ll have more freezer room to freeze it. AND I’ll have a dishwasher to put the crockpot in to clean it – which was SUCH a pain to hand wash. 15. I can sleep with the windows open again! My current place is on the ground floor so it is not safe to open the windows at night but this place is high up so I can leave ’em open! Yay! Plus we’re in the prime season for the perfect sleeping temps!

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