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Dear readers and authors, Given the fantastic response to our Most Popular Book Contest, every month we are going to award prizes to the most Liked and Shared books on our Facebook page. The prizes are as follows: 3rd place: A $15 Facebook ad 2nd place: A $50 Facebook ad 1st place: A $100 Facebook ad Any author who subscribes to our newsletter is eligible to enter. You can find out more on our Facebook page: And the brand new group: Below, we’ve included the latest book recommendations from our wenbsites: Ebook Planet, Sleepy Bookworm and Realm of the Geek. You can purchase by clicking on the icons. If you find a book you love, be sure to let the world know by leaving a Product Review at the relevant e-store. Our authors will be hugely appreciative! Kind regards The Indie Authors Library team
“[R]eaders will be transfixed by this novel” — Kirkus (Starred Review & Kirkus Indie Book of the Month Selection)In a divided, futuristic America, merit is used to camouflage oppression. Votes are allocated according to tax revenue. And all people are not created equal.Daniela Machado is offered a chance to escape the deprivation of Bronx City through a coveted slot at the elite Tuck School. There, among the genetically superior highborn of Manhattan, she discovers an unimaginable world of splendor and greed. But her opportunity is part of a darker plan, and Daniela soon learns that those at society’s apex will stop at nothing to keep power for themselves. She may have a chance to change the world, if it doesn’t change her first.Age of Order presents an unforgettable vision of a future society that echoes our own. Inspired by works as diverse as the Handmaid’s Tale, Divergent, Gone and the Red Queen, fans of the sci-fi and dystopian genres will enjoy this fast-paced thriller filled with intrigue and unexpected relationships. Enter the Age of Order. “[T]he engaging characters, suspenseful storyline and expert world building will keep readers entertained and spellbound.” –RT Book Review
One teen’s incredible journey may just blow his father’s mind…Fourteen-year-old Bernard thinks outside the box. The only problem is that neither his school nor his ultra-rational physicist father appreciate his unique ideas. When he reacts to a stressful situation at school by mooning the class, his suspension sends him straight to his father’s workplace. After his frustrated father leaves him unattended, Bernard does what any teen would do: wander into the particle accelerator and accidentally get transported through a wormhole! It doesn’t take long for Bernard to realize he’s in deep trouble. Not only did the wormhole drop him in the middle of a civil war over a depleted resource, but the battle is actually taking place inside his father’s brain. Bernard has one chance to save the dying side of his father’s creative brain from the tyrannical left side. Can he use his outside-the-box thinking to save his father’s life?Brainwalker is a young adult sci-fi fantasy novel that turns the world of neuroscience on its head. If you like incredible fantasy worlds, fast-paced entertainment, and the human mind, then you’ll love Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast’s amazing journey inside the brain. Buy Brainwalker to help the mind survive today!
My name is Emmi Basilides. I am an orphan living in the slums of Medio city.Every slumdog I know underestimates me. They think I am a dumb kid who could not survive alone, but I have been through so much. My mother abandoned me when I was five years old and here I am – about to reach the grand old age of sixteen. Believe me, anyone who can survive ten years in this place deserves respect.Ever since my brother Arturo started working for a mysterious man, our lives changed dramatically. At first, Arturo had money and it went to his head, but then he disappeared. I thought I was never going to see him again, until he escaped… from prison.That is when things really got crazy. Our friend Killow was infected by nanites which gave him superpowers, but also turned him evil. And now we have no idea where he is. Oh, and I forgot to mention our friend Dynah who also has superpowers and is non-evil.The plague came and my best friend Lel died. It broke my heart, but I will not be beaten by this world. ‘Live for the moment’ is what Lel used to say, and I will move forward in her honour. I will prove to my brother I am not a kid any more, and I will show our rotten country that this dumb, blonde, ‘bottom-leveller’ is a force to be reckoned with.Note: Sister of a Rebel Soldier book is a spin-off from the Sky City series, intended as a more accessible read. It is aimed primarily at teenagers. The book can be read as a stand-alone, but those who have read the other books will better understand the world. There is a glossary at the beginning to explain any unfamiliar terms.
Based on the true story of a Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat and decorated war hero. Dear Margaret,In a world that had gone bonkers, two friends try to keep each other grounded by writing letters to each other during WWII. Although, what happened in their lives was vastly different from each other, they found a common ground, a way to keep each other sane.From mundane daily chores to life threatening events, these letters from two pen pals take the reader on a journey into the past, a past where nightmares came true, and when hatred reigned.A time in history that we should never, ever forget.
Bree is a survivor of domestic violence. Now, she is a single mother of two children. Her world has revolved around them since the divorce. She thinks she is happy because her children are…nothing could be further from the truth.Ryder is a survivor of a different aspect of abuse. He is a widower with a son and daughter. His world has been focused on moving them to a safe environment and making it even safer.Bree and Ryder’s lives will intersect in a profound and surprising way.Through Bree, Ryder is introduced to a world in which the stakes of survival, success, and reward—also life and death—hover over life as they know it. As they both learn to trust, their feelings grow. Ryder finds himself imagining a future for them together. Visions of a life once thought impossible. Unknown to them, there is an enemy lurking. One who has the power to erase the future that Ryder envisions. This evil presents wants to leave a trail of devastation. The most difficult choices can lead to an extraordinary passage… past despair, death, and heartache… a path reaching the most remote part of each other’s heart.
Sunny Siebel isn’t an ordinary girl – she can see what others can’t. She has the ability to see and communicate with the deceased. Only sharing the company of lost spirits waiting to move on, her life changes when she meets a Reaper for the first time and realizes what she has been missing – why she is so different – when she falls in love. What she didn’t expect was how their connection would change her. Acquiring comfort and solace in her newfound love, Sunny finds herself running from heaven itself while getting caught in the middle of an even larger plot that not even her assailants see coming.
The year is 2103. Yumin Villanueva (or “Min” as everyone calls her) is an upper class young woman who has found marginal satisfaction working in a socio-reorganization company – a middle class, or Technocrat job. She has fought against her family all her life, loving them but hating their elitist, Classé-riche lifestyle and traditions. Her one ally is her brother, Alex, a famous artist and family man, whom she adores.Her life consists of helping Remnants of society adjust to the social and economic lifestyle of the 22nd century. She is seemingly content, until one of her clients asks an unusual favor. The Robertsons, a Remnant family have lost contact with their son, Joshua, who left the dome system as a teenager and chose a nomadic lifestyle as an Environ, those who live in the external environment. Normally receiving correspondence from him regularly, they haven’t heard from him for over a year. Alex however, has heard of murders in the camps, and doesn’t want his sister out there. Despite Alex’s objections, Min exits for the last known location of Joshua Robertson. She is excited for the opportunity to leave behind the day-to-day routine for an interesting challenge. She also has no idea that she will soon be involved in a conspiracy of murder and manipulation in both the outworld and inside the domes. Soon Min and Alex are embroiled in a search to find out the truth, eventually drawing in the elusive Josh, and endangering anyone else who gets involved.
Believe in yourself, and your world of dreams and fantasy! Book 1 in the Esthophia Sagas Over the peaceful lands of Esthopia, looms a dark threat of war, as the story of the Invasion of the Ortaks begins with this book, The Knight! It will keep you sitting on your edge of your seat in suspense, from the first page to the last, leaving you craving for more! Come with us into this great world! Meet the princesses, the kings, and the elves, as they fight the evil in great battles! Read about tremendous battle scenes and romantic moments, as the invading army plunder the lands of Esthopia!
Judson Hardenbergh’s life was perfect, that is until tragedy changed the course of his life. When a fire claims his family, he gives up on everything. Will moving back to his home town of Oak Grove save him from himself or drive him into deeper despair?For Ryan Jacobs, Oak Grove’s Chief of Police, it’s been smooth sailing since the abduction and murders that plagued the town, and almost cost him his family. Though Mathis is still at large, Ryan is confident that he’ll be able to catch him before he strikes again.When one of Ryan’s high school friends, Judson Hardenbergh, is accused of murder, he must jump into action and determine if ‘Jud’ is capable of committing this horrible crime. What he finds is that this case is more complicated than he imagined and that penance comes in many forms.
A monstrous evil stalks Cormac in his new role as the Seventh Sentinel. His prime objective is to find and secure supernatural weapons of mass destruction left behind after the Great Flood by the Watchers and their offspring, the Nephilim. Cormac and his paladins travel to Africa to safeguard his family, battling fiends of awesome proportions along the way and discovering entities that are the stuff of legends and beyond comprehension. The rogue sentinels will do anything to stop or distract Cormac from his sacred quest. The stakes are high on both sides. Life or Death? Hellfire or Heaven?Cormac must also come to terms with his own personal demons and find the strength of will to resist the temptations that lie in wait for him, while his private life takes a turn for the worse.
Randy Rodriguez is a third generation wrestler. His entire life he yearned to continue his family legacy, knowing he could fall. Though he didn’t know just how hard he would fall, especially in love with his high school crush. During his first professional bout, he suffers a career and life threatening injury, forcing him to choose between his two passions, his two loves and the two rings he values most. He had to think, should he continue wrestling, potentially killing himself? Or should he choose the gold band, ending his legacy forever?
I felt like I was seeing it all in slow motion; the car, sleek and black, careening around the corner, the sound of wheels skidding. Headlights illuminating her dazed expression like a spotlight as it made contact. Then I heard screaming, distant and muffled, as if I was underwater. It took me a long time to realise that I was the one screaming.
Fans of edgy, contemporary fiction will enjoy this story of a Seattle woman’s search for God and truth in the depths of tragedy.Twins Livy and DeeDee McCreary open a dance studio in honor of their late mother, whom they lost when they were six. Problem is, Livy remembers nothing of the day her mother died. The more she questions her family about that awful day, the more she suspects she’s been lied to all her life. While she’s seeking answers to what really happened, she keeps crossing paths with handsome engineer Scott Lorenzo, who compels her to question the New Age philosophy she was raised on. What if there is a personal God out there who cares about her?Before Livy can discover answers, a brutal accident interrupts her search. Her life flips upside down as she faces a future she is not prepared for. Yet the unanswered questions continue to haunt her. Can she find the strength to keep on with her quest, even if it means losing the two people most dear to her–her twin, and the man she loves?2015 Finalist, ACFW First Impressions Contest
She is the naughty librarian or so her author’s bio says. She actually works in the local bookstore in Hello, Ohio but it sounds more intriguing to say she is a librarian than a naughty bookstore sales associate. Now that is just a mouthful.Jack Stone lives on Fire Lake in a remote cabin next door to a beautiful man that she fantasizes about on a daily basis. Her next erotic romance is based on those fantasies.There is just one problem. Jack knows this man, his four sisters, his parents and his grandmother. She doesn’t remember him because she hasn’t seen him since he was seventeen and she was eight. Things are about to get complicated for Jack and her fantasy man, Jamie McAda.Jamie doesn’t like complicated.Sexual situations and strong language. Happily ever after ending on a highway in Northern Kentucky.
You build relationships to betray relationships.That is the motto for the FBI’s undercover program, and special agent Lexie Montgomery is just beginning to understand what that means. Lexie’s first assignment is infiltrating a radical cell of the Animal Liberation Front. Underground and operating in splinter groups throughout Los Angeles, the only way in is through Savannah Riley, a new recruit.Savannah left the safety of her small southern town for the bright lights of the city. Pulled into the animal rights movement by her college roommate and a gorgeous anarchist, she sinks deeper and deeper into the dark, paranoid world of ALF extremists.As the actions of her cell escalate beyond simple demonstrations and graffiti, Savannah turns to Lexie to keep her grounded. But as the two women grow closer and the FBI’s case builds, Lexie is forced to decide what betrayal really means.
Escaping her father’s killer, Aleksandra rode the Pony Express—full speed into the middle of the Indian Paiute War.Growing up in the 1860’s Old West, Aleksandra was trained in the Cossack arts by her father. Now she’s alone, running to prevent her pa’s killer from discovering their family secret. Disguised as a Pony Express rider in Utah Territory, she finds herself in even deeper trouble when she rides full speed into the middle of the Indian Paiute Wars. Her alluring Californio boss Xavier has a strength to match her own, but can they overcome the ever-increasing odds and evade the man who’s already killed Aleksandra’s father—and set his sights on her?Awards for this debut novel: Finalist 2013 RWNZ Great Beginnings; Winner 2014 RWNZ Pacific Hearts Award; Winner 2015 RWNZ Koru Award for Best First Novel plus third in Koru Long Novel section; and finalist in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award. A saga of the Old West with a multicultural cast of those who make up America, it would interest readers who enjoy sagas, horses, American Indians, immigrants, and the Pony Express. It features a capable heroine, subtle use of everyday historical detail, period veterinary treatment and frontier-pushing characters. It compares to the work of Phillipa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon and Jean Auel, plus a little Laura Ingalls Wilder. This novel is the first in The Long Trails Quadrilogy of historical adventure sagas following Aleksandra and Xavier from the wilderness of 1860 Utah to Colonial New Zealand.
Davis Summerfield is pushed into early retirement, but he is actually enjoying his freedom. Interplay, a government agency, has other ideas. Davis suspects that they are involved in more than scientific research and space exploration. What secrets lurk inside Interplay’s locked gates?Davis is told that his destiny links to a race called, The Zarion, the watchers and protectors, but a rogue alien race, The Fallen, is determined to annihilate Earth? Can Davis fulfill his destiny? Will the woman he loves believe him?Along with an underground rebel group, Davis faces the biggest challenge of his life. Can he save them? Will Earth Survive?
In an effort to escape her past and start a new life, newly divorced Tori, a former English teacher, takes a job as a live-in nanny for Kim’s two daughters. Taking care of quiet Madison and spirited Emma is a dream job, but Tori is haunted by guilt and can’t seem to run far enough away from the secrets she tried to bury. But when her duties send her to church with her charges, Tori’s path collides with Pastor David, who challenges her to come face to face with her past and start finding a purpose in her new life.Unworthy is Diana J Eichner’s first published novel.
The Manus Dei system proved that a deity exists.The universe was changed forever.Mankind desires equal footing with the God.The God seeks to abandon mankind.After his wife dies during childbirth, Lazarus’s life takes a turn for the worst. Addictions and neglect spread across the years as Lazarus focuses on the Deity as the apex of his frustration. During a freak accident, his daughter Elisha disappears. At his weakest point, Lazarus’s last memories of his daughter are erased, leaving him stranded with no clue of her final whereabouts.On a final whim of desperation, Lazarus locates the last Manus Dei system in existence, hoping to use the machine to find the memories he has forgotten in life. But not without harsh repercussions. Will Lazarus find Elisha? Or will he succumb to the terrible consequences of using the Manus Dei? Will Lazarus’s ulterior motives turn his daughter’s rescue mission into a war against the God?Reinventing the face of science fiction and blurring the lines between genres and styles, Plane Walker will leave you enthralled and begging for more – intensely hoping that Lazarus will find his daughter Elisha while harboring feelings of both dread and suspense. Welcome to the future. Embrace the unknown.
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