How to Snap Instagram Worthy Pics of Your Kiddos

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Let’s dedicate this week to the dads! With Father’s Day in the UAE happening on the 21st and other nationalities earlier this week, here’s your chance to make papa feel even more special with our roundup of gifts and experiences ( . And speaking of dads, midwife Shani shares the science behind newborn babies always looking like their daddies ( (it’s uncanny!). Counting the days until your family holiday? Make sure to check out photographer Lidiya’s 10 tips for capturing the best pics of your kids ( (Hello, Instagram!) And finally, fill up those diaries ( and have fun over the last week of school!
** How To Make Dads Feel Mega Special This Week ———————————————————— With Father’s Day this week, it’s your chance to ensure that dad gets the recognition he needs (especially if he’s holding the fort while you and the kids jet off for summer). We’ve rounded up the best gifts in fashion, beauty, tech and more, so get shopping or booking mamas and make papa feel special!
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** 10 Tips For Getting The Best Photographs Of Your Kids Over The Holidays ———————————————————— Mama, it’s time to get snapping and photograph some of the best moments over the Summer holidays. Our Sassy photographer Lidiya shares her top tips on how to capture them all. …Read more (
** Daddy Dearest: Do Most Babies Really Look Like Their Fathers at Birth? ———————————————————— You’ve carried, laboured and birthed the baby and in those exhausting, emotional first moments, the nurse says, “The baby looks exactly like her father!” Say, what?!
…Read more (
** Your Weekly Calendar ———————————————————— What have you got planned for the week ahead, mamas? Let us inspire you with some dates for your diaries! From a crafty workshop for kiddos to a breastfeeding support event (with free weight checks for babies!) to an alternative date night that will definitely make a change to small talk over dinner! Have a great week with the fam!
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