How Many Ways Can You Talk About Resolutions?

January 12th 2018

A Letter from the Managing Editor: New Year’s Resolutions

I love publishing this newsletter. I spend the month gathering content, taking suggestions from you and putting together information to help you and your family on your path to wellness.  This monthly column is to let you know I am here with you! …
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Best of 2012: Fit as a Family

Helping your family get and stay healthy isn’t always easy. It’s tough to get your family away from the television and computer screens and find places for you to get active together. The start of the new year is the perfect time to make a plan! Her…
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Best of 2013: Five Easy Changes

I was reading a bunch of healthy websites and they all had these “Five Easy” lists that I thought were hard to do. Stuff like “stop eating processed food.” How is that easy if you eat processed food? I have read all of the New Year’s resolutions …
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Family Fit Focus 2013: Set Your Year Health Goals

Happy New Year! January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month! In honor of staying fit for the New Year, here are some fantastic tips on how to establish year-long health goals. The goals will be S.M.A.R.T. so you and your family can achieve succ…
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Best of 2015: Resolve to Be Kind

There is a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions and whether they are even worth making. I make them every year and I find that over and over again, I am too hard on myself. It is all smack talk. You know what I’m talking about. My clothes don’t …
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10 Ways to Kick Start Your Nutrition from 2017

Nutrition isn’t about having the perfect diet. It’s about making smart choices on a regular basis that help your body and mind feel their very best. If you can get the hang of some of these tips, you will be off to an amazing year! 1.  Drink mor…
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10 Ways to Move More This Year from 2017

Nutrition is a huge part of your health, but you must pair it with movement. Lucky for all of us, that movement doesn’t need to involve training for a marathon. It just involves moving often . Here are some tips to up your movement this year: 1. …
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10 Ways to Up Your Quality Family-Time from 2017

My oldest is 9 years old and the other night she had a huge breakdown. She misses us. She’s at school all day and we’re at work. Then we get home and it’s time for homework, extracurricular activities, dinner, dishes, laundry, and bed. Everyone is b…
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Our Jenny Craig Ambassadors Rocked It! – A Macaroni Kid Congrats!

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Have you been fighting those same 15 lbs. since your firstborn? Do you go up and down, trying all of the latest fad diets? Us too. Then, one day back in early September, that all changed when 9 Macaroni …
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