GoldSilver Newsletter – The Critical Reason for Vault Storage That Everyone Overlooks

It’s a sobering reality: if your gold or silver is lost – regardless of how or why or from where – it’s gone for good.
** The Critical Reason for Vault Storage That Everyone Overlooks ———————————————————— By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst
Gold and silver are your financial backstop. Your core strategy to profit from the upcoming wealth transfer.
What’s ahead will be very exciting for those that have a meaningful stash of physical gold and silver. Imagine as the next crisis worsens, your net worth soars.
But what happens to your plan if your bullion is stolen? Or gets misplaced? What if it falls into middle earth from an earthquake or is washed away in a flood? Gold usually survives the average house fire—but what condition would it be left in? A dealer won’t pay as much for damaged metal, and some may not buy it at all.
The dilemma with holding physical gold and silver is that no storage plan is 100% foolproof. And since bullion comes with no replacement policy—no claim check you can turn in to get your metal back—the investor is left in a precarious position. Are we just out of luck?
While the risk of these events is slim, they can be devastating if they occur. How do we protect against worst case scenarios?
There’s only one viable solution…
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** Newsletter Update: ————————————————————
** “Something Big is Coming” ———————————————————— By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst
Here’s an update to a recent newsletter article…
Gold and Silver Technical Alert: Something Big is Coming (…)
Remember how this article showed a potential big move in gold might be coming? Gold jumped higher last month, so I asked my technical analyst friend Dominick Graziano to give us an update.
Here are daily and weekly charts of gold, updated through September 1. Note his comments in the charts. Dominick commented that, “Currently gold should have good support around $1,300 on a weekly closing basis. Failure to hold $1,300 would be quite bearish, but we now have confirmation of breakout above $1,300 in all important time frames—daily, weekly and monthly. I also see confirmation in dozens of other charts.”
** Inventory Update: We still have Silver Britannias ( remaining for as low as $1.50 over spot. ————————————————————
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