From Millennial Slang to the Best Box Deliveries in Dubai, it’s Time to make Parenting Easier

New to Sassy Mama? Join the community ( ! View this email in your browser ( Kaya If you want to make life a little more fun and a whole lot easier then subscribe to one of Dubai’s super cool box deliveries ( – from fresh fruit to kiddie books – there’s almost nothing more exciting than receiving a parcel to unwrap, right mamas?!​ Feeling a little behind-the-times? Our hilarious guide to the 10 ( Millennial slang terms all mamas should know ( will soon have you ‘on fleek.’ And our contributor’s take on parenting as an expat ( will help bridge some of those cross-cultural gaps. Finally, if you’re looking to fill your days with fun then check out our weekly diary feature ( for a little inspo. ** The Coolest Box Subscriptions in Dubai ———————————————————— Is there anything better than getting a delivery? Especially as we don’t have a regular mail system in Dubai so anything that comes direct to our door is mega exciting and often makes life that much more convenient. Groceries and beauty products to kids books and fresh flowers – they’re all available on subscription now, mama! These are our top picks of some of the subscription boxes you should sign up for pronto… …Read more ( ** The do’s and dont’s of cross-cultural parenting ———————————————————— It is true that so many expats in today’s world are busy raising children in a culture different to their own. As it turns out, how you parent, is quite often an interesting combination of where you’re from, which culture(s) you and your partner grew up in, and of course where you currently live. Simple parenting decisions suddenly become a whole lesson in culture, upbringing and identity. …Read more ( ** 10 Useful AF Millennial Slang Terms Mamas Have to Know ———————————————————— Just like fashion, beauty or style has its seasons, language has its trends. And believe us mamas, nothing will make you feel more lost or irrelevant than if you’re unable to decipher what millennials are talking about (or texting about, more likely). No worries – we’ve decoded the millennial slang you’ll want to start using asap, mama! …Read more ( Summer Wallpapers The summer heat is on, so why not jazz up your phone or your desktop? As a special thank you for following Sassy Mama Dubai ( , one of our lovely designers, Tin, has put together these fabulous downloadable freebies. Just click the links below to download (and for the iPhone wallpapers, just touch on the screen and hit “save picture” and then you can set it as your wallpaper by going to “Settings”)! DOWNLOAD iPhone Wallpapers: 1 ( | 2 ( | 3 ( | 4 ( | 5 ( | 6 ( Desktop Wallpapers: 1 ( | 2 ( | 3 ( | 4 ( | 5 ( | 6 ( ** Your Weekly Calendar ———————————————————— Wondering how to escape from the heat with the fam? Head over to JustKidding seminar ( for a morning coffee! For AC-guaranteed family fun, we’ve picked The Jungle Book ( live performance for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet Alvin & The Chipmunks ( and have a good laugh at the Roaming Art Show ( …and have a great week, mamas! Click for more events this week! ( ============================================================ ** Facebook ( ** Twitter ( ** Pinterest ( ** Instagram ( Sassy Scoops and Featured Listings are paid for features. You are receiving this email because you signed up for our mailing list, are buddies with one of our founders, or attended one of our Sassy Mama events. Sassy HATES spam, so please feel free to ** unsubscribe ( at any time if you’re no longer interested in our emails. We will never share your email address or personal info with third parties without your express permission, no matter how cool they are. Peace and love mamas. Copyright © 2016 Sassy Media Group Limited

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