Don’t get beaten by the summer learning slide. Special offer inside!

August 8th 2018

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Every child is at risk of losing crucial reading skills over the summer. Here’s how to avoid it and turn reading into a FUN experience.

Until September 8, 2018 Macaroni Kid members are invited to try Reading Eggs FREE for 4 weeks. No obligations at all. CLICK HERE to sign up.

When I was raising my four kids, the summer slide was real.

Many kids lose reading skills over summer (on average, a child will lose 1–3 MONTHS worth of learning!), and there can be serious consequences.

It can take A WHOLE MONTH of reteaching for kids to relearn forgotten material after the long break.

What a waste of precious learning time.

Worse still, it can be a huge blow to a child’s confidence, because they KNOW that they should know this stuff, but now it feels even harder to learn the second time around. It can lead to resentment on all sides.

And the sad reality is that when children fall behind in reading, they tend to start falling behind in other areas of learning too.

As a homeschooler, you probably know the key to preventing summer reading loss is to read regularly. But like many parents, I understand the frustration of trying to get young kids engaged in reading, especially if your summer days are busy with activities.

And this is vacation time, so you want your kids to enjoy the break and come back to learning happy and refreshed.

But what if learning was a game – just as much fun as all their other games?

My two oldest kids were reluctant readers (it was never something they’d willingly choose to do). I tried EVERYTHING from “fun” workbooks and colorful flashcards to expensive DVDs. Nothing was able to hold their interest.

As someone who’d spent 25 YEARS publishing educational resources, I knew there had to be a better way to make sure they didn’t lose the valuable reading skills they picked up over the year.

So over several years, we researched every possible way to improve the learn to read experience for young kids. We took everything we learned from best practice research, phonics instruction and child motivation…

…and we created Reading Eggs.

The most comprehensive online reading program for kids aged 2 to 13.

The uptake of Reading Eggs was almost instant. Children LOVED it. Parents were overwhelmed with the results. We received thousands of letters from proud parents who couldn’t believe their eyes…their kids were READING!

One homeschooler, Amanda, wrote to us excitedly after trying Reading Eggs with her three kids. I think her words sum it up perfectly:

“Reading Eggs has been a terrific addition to our homeschool. Each of my three kids aged 3, 5 and 7 beg me to let them play and I think that is how Reading Eggs really differs from the others; it is not a chore for them to be using it.”

2018 marks ten years of Reading Eggs. I’ve been amazed watching our beloved program spread all over the world.

And the sheer number of children who’ve used Reading Eggs is staggering:

10 million kids.

That’s more than the population of Sweden!

Other than the fact that Reading Eggs actually DELIVERS on its promise to help children build their reading skills in a fun way, the program makes sure YOU as a parent are always in control.

The built in reports let you see exactly how your child’s reading skills are improving across phonics, vocabulary, spelling and more. In fact, we email these reports straight to your inbox.

You can preview lessons, adjust their progress, print worksheets and certificates, and even assign books from the online library to compile the perfect summer reading list!

I witnessed my two youngest kids fall in love with reading thanks to Reading Eggs, and the contrast with my oldest kids was amazing. It changed everything from a process full of struggle to an experience full of wonder and joy, for all of us.

I want you to have that same magical experience this summer.

Until September 8, 2018 Macaroni Kid members are invited to try Reading Eggs FREE for 4 weeks. No obligations at all. CLICK HERE to sign up.

It only takes a few minutes to get set up with your 4 week free trial. You’ll unlock INSTANT ACCESS to hundreds of self-paced reading lessons, printable worksheets, 2000+ e-books and our placement test, which will match your child to the perfect level in the program.

This free trial offer is for a limited time only, so if you’re interested please don’t leave it too late.

You’ll join thousands of proud homeschooling parents like Kelly, who saw an amazing difference in her child’s reading ability:

“I am a home-schooling mother of two boys. I just wanted to thank you and all the Reading Eggs staff! You have all created an AMAZING tool to use in encouraging and strengthening my child’s reading skills. My Bryson is 8 years old and really struggles with learning to read and enjoying reading at all. We have tried SEVERAL reading programs and curriculums, but nothing seemed to spark any interest. He is a very intelligent child, but bores easily. Reading Eggs has been able to hold his attention and get him excited about our school day. He actually went to bed last night saying he couldn’t wait to do school tomorrow! I am so pleased with his response to this website! Thank you so much! You have helped this mama more than you will ever know! God bless you all!”

Here are the skills your child will learn on Reading Eggs, which I know will turn them into a fluent and enthusiastic reader:

• phonics

• sight words

• phonemic awareness

• vocabulary

• fluency

• comprehension

• spelling

• grammar

• writing

• early language development (for toddlers)

• & more!

And what makes Reading Eggs so unique is the fact that kids actually LOVE it!

They love all the songs, the characters, the funny animations, the certificates and the exciting golden eggs they collect to purchase fun games and furnishings for their in-game house.

Children are so motivated to go through the lessons that we hear about parents who use Reading Eggs as a reward:

“You can go on Reading Eggs after you’ve cleaned your room!”

That’s how much kids love it!

And best of all it’s tailored to each individual child’s ability. We’ve had phenomenal feedback from parents of young kids, older kids, struggling readers, kids with learning difficulties and kids with autism.

Every child can truly benefit from this program.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for our special free trial and get your child on Reading Eggs, too.

But this is a strictly LIMITED-TIME offer which will expire September 8, 2018.

CLICK HERE to try Reading Eggs FREE for 4 weeks over the summer.

10 million kids worldwide – the numbers really do speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoy helping your child beat the summer reading slide once and for all. Happy learning!

Katy Pike

Publisher of Reading Eggs & mom of four

PS. This special 4 week free trial offer is available for new customers only, and must end September 8, 2018. CLICK HERE to claim it now!


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