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/////////////////////////////////////////// Epson Digital Couture Project
Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:44 PM PST
So we all know Fashion week is coming up, so what better way to start is by Epson hosting the digital couture project event in NYC. I was invited to attend the Epson digital couture project event in NYC, a little history about Epson they make printers and who doesn’t love technology so they started to bring technology and fashion together so designers can printer there designs on the Epson printers. So designers from North America and Latin America come together and showcase there fashion.

So fashion week is coming and now we will get to see designers bring there designs to life with technology.

I love technology and fashion so this is awesome to bring fashion and technology together since fashion week is coming.

As you can see some of the designs, love the designs from the designers from North America and Latin America. Also there was work showcase by Project Runway Candice Cuoco

I love the bold colors and how it all comes together, there is something for everyone and can’t wait to see what fashion week is gonna showcase. What designers from up and coming to favorites. I believe technology and fashion can come together and bring the fashion world to the top.

I was invited to attend the Epson Digital Couture Project event. All is my own opinion

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