Company Update, July 2017 – 93% Reduction in Storage Minimums

I have an important update on GoldSilver to share with you.
Greetings. Alex Daley, president of GoldSilver here. I want to reach out and briefly update you on the latest improvements to our business, including details of our exciting new storage program.
First, a quick update since the last time I wrote. When I began at GoldSilver, Mike Maloney gave me one simple mission: restore the company to market leading status. He’d gotten it there by innovating—one of the first dealers to ship globally, offer integrated storage, make IRAs simple, and much more.
Since then, the web has become crowded with low service bullion dealers who will sell you a few scruffy silver rounds at spot, just to get your email then ply you with 300% markup, colored Superman coins…
We at GoldSilver, on the other hand, believe bullion should be an investment. As such, we are committed to making real, physical gold and silver available to everyone at great prices, with excellent service, and maximum security.
So, Mike and I took on the challenge: continue offering the education that has brought millions of new investors into the space and still offer the best value for the dollar.
We reinvented the back office to buy and manufacture more efficiently, delivering faster shipping and lower prices every day (so low we literally guarantee them to be the best every day (…[UNIQID]) , something no other dealer I know of does). And it seems to be paying off with great reviews from you, our customers, like this one: With prices, shipping and service all in order, it was time to get back to the best security in the business:

** Storage, Now 93% Less to Get Started ———————————————————— If you are like me, you probably own gold and silver in part as a crisis hedge and in part as an investment for appreciation. (On the latter, right now may prove one of the best opportunities in modern history, after the second longest equities bull market on record, which has created sky high valuations in just about every fathomable sector (…[UNIQID]) other than precious metals.)
Yet, for investors wise enough to take a measure of safety in owning gold and silver, most of our customers get their bullion shipped to home. Which defeats much of its purpose as a protective measure. First, it’s expensive. Insuring at home costs 2% or more of the value, and policies usually don’t index with the gold price.
More importantly, it adds risk. As I learned in the technology industry, “security by obscurity”… i.e. taking a risk and just hoping no one notices or stumbles upon it… never works reliably. But, that’s what most gold investors do.
Take our own Jeff Clark, who was once robbed of his own gold, and lost a family friend forever to the same… he writes about the harrowing experiences in tomorrow’s newsletter, so stay tuned.
Too many people ship gold and silver home. But I can’t blame them. What other viable solutions were there, really?
This is why we wanted to make sure professional, armed guard, class 3 vault storage is available to ALL of our customers.
At GoldSilver, we’ve long offered some of the best segregated storage available, through the leader in real asset protection, Brinks. Our scale allowed us to offer our largest customers incredible value for storage, which is why 85% of them choose to store with us when they order.
But, minimums were high. The process was manual, and the added layer of segregation (frankly, not needed for anyone but corporations with specific security standards) cost even more. Which is why I am excited to announce that, starting today, we’ve reduced our account minimums for storage by 93% to store gold and silver in any of our vaults.
Our new, fully allocated storage costs a fraction of home storage and insurance, at just 0.06% (yes, six one-hundredths of one percent) of asset value per month.
No commitments or contracts, and just a $4 monthly minimum—half the cost of a Netflix membership—to access Brinks storage in Salt Lake City, Hong Kong, and other locations. And it’s all 100% allocated, whole metals in your title. None of this pooling of ownership BS our “competitors” offer, where you and a dozen strangers can claim the same bar, and/or you have to pay some ridiculous 7.5% “fabrication fee” just to get actual metal.
With GoldSilver Allocated Storage it’s just your metal, in your name and title alone, available for delivery or sale at any time.
Learn More Now ([UNIQID]) I have three young kids and a wife at home I love very much. It’s for that simple reason I don’t keep any gold or silver in the house, spare a few show pieces like our 10 oz. Modern Ancients (…[UNIQID]) in their display cases. Just like I keep currency in a bank, not in my mattress.
If you value your own family’s safety, I strongly encourage you to choose vault storage for your future purchases.
Alex Daley President, GoldSilver
PS – Have an existing storage account with us? You are grandfathered into your original pricing, which we have no plans to change.
However, if you want to swap into the new allocated or segregated storage and pricing, you are welcome to at no additional charge.
Simply contact customer service ([UNIQID]) , or look for the link in your account to convert to allocated storage and follow the prompts.
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