Chic Finds Friday – Items So Good You Won’t Want to Miss Out!💋

The best, the awesomest, the coolest new things to bring fun, fashion, and happiness into your life. You’ll love them! View this email in your browser ( Hi Eric, Thank you so much for being a subscriber! I’ve been trying something different lately and sharing with you some things I’ve discovered recently that make life so.much.better. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t – drop me a line and let me know ( ! ———————————————————— Announcements: It’s almost the end of the month – which means GIVEAWAY TIME! In a couple days you’ll receive another email from me with what’s up for grabs this month. (Hint: hopefully it will delight all hands-on crafters and DIY’ers out there!) Stay tuned for another email, coming soon. ———————————————————— Fashion Finds Mother’s Day is on the way and ModCloth has some great gifts for Mom (,134482,140811,140375,137383,70728,140370,140363,138747,134334,134351,138074,137413,132144&SSAID=298555&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=sas&utm_…) . I’m truly coveting the Triple the Charm Bag in Mint ( and the Presto-Charge-O Battery Pack ( (rose gold phone charger the size of a credit card, sign me up!). Hoping my 10-year-old will step up to the plate… (still hoping…) How did I miss the Marimekko Collection at Target ( ? Graphic, eye-catching prints that won’t break the bank? Yes please! DIY Just spotted a whole new section at Michael’s devoted to raw, rough gemstones and crystals…and another section of glass-topped pendants and interchangeable locket supplies. They look high-end and gorgeous – and I’m stocking up ASAP. (You’ll have to go into a store and scope out the jewelry section to see what I mean…since I can’t find them on Michael’s online. Booooo.) This Heavy Duty 3 Piece Leather Punch set ( is a lifesaver when it comes to punching holes in leather and vinyl, setting snaps, and placing rivets. Look for my review coming up soon! Blogging Tips I’ve hosted Chic Steals (and my other blogging endeavors) on self-hosted WordPress through BlueHost ( for about 5 years now. I love BlueHost and recommend it to all my clients when I create websites for them. BlueHost is currently having a sale (til May 2, 11:59 PM PST) on hosting, for $3.49/month for 36 months on their Basic Plan. If you want to take your blog or website to the next level and have total control over every aspect of your site, self-hosted is the way to go. See here ( for details. Streak for Gmail ( . Breaks apart Gmail threads into separate emails, and pushes emails out of your inbox, to return to Unread only at the time you designate. AND you can see exactly what moment the recipient reads the email you sent! (Kind of creepy…but super helpful when there’s an email you’re nervous about and want to make sure it was read and will be followed up on.) Major productivity hack! Life Really, really trying that meditation thing. The Headspace ( app is a good intro – and it’s free for the 1st 10 meditations, which you can play on repeat even if you don’t want to sign up for the paid version. Hope these links are helpful to you – and have a weekend filled with awesomeness and shine 🙂 xo Carly This newsletter contains affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission if you click through a link and buy the recommended product. I only feature products that I love and use myself. See my full Disclosure Policy ( . ============================================================ ** ( ** ( ** ( Copyright © 2016 Chic Steals, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted to receive weekly email digests from Our mailing address is: Chic Steals P.O. Box 3132 Tualatin, OR 97062 USA Want to change how you receive these emails? You can ** update your preferences ( or ** unsubscribe from this list ( Email Marketing Powered by MailChimp

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