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April 3rd 2018

Are You Phubbing?

This is probably one of the worst parenting admissions I’ve ever made…when my son was about 4, he was practice reading to me, and my phone buzzed, so I pulled it out and looked at it. Well he stopped reading and looked at me with a WTF look that o…
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Non Profit of the Month: Fitness Without Borders

Janine Rodriguez started focusing on a healthy lifestyle in college, committing to exercise and healthy eating habits. Then later her husband introduced her to weight training. Her path to fitness and health continued to the next step when she disc…
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Expo West 2018 Recap: From Me to the Food Industry, Thank You.

The days of processed sugars, refined fats, corn syrup juices, and teeth-rotting candies may be over. Or, at least, on their way out. As a mom of three who’s focused on educating and creating a healthy lifestyle for my family, I am thrilled that…
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Ask Maggie: Advice on Bullying from a Mom of Three

Dear Maggie, Help, my daughter (child) is a bully. We’re always reading how to help our kids against bullies but what do we do when ours is the one being the bully? Dear She’s The Bully,  I’m grabbing your hand right now and giving you my fa…
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