Best Indoor Play Spots for Kids in the UAE, and more…

New to Sassy Mama? Join the community ( ! View this email in your browser ( Kaya With soaring temperatures comes the challenge of keeping little ones busy indoors. We’ve rounded up our fave (non soft-play) places ( to have fun out of the sun! Even in pregnancy, the instinct to nurture and protect is strong, which is why the Panorama non-invasive screening test ( is perfect for putting your mind at ease. Our contributor Sara spoke to one gorgeous mama about raising her amazing daughter, who has Down syndrome and proves that all differences should be celebrated ( . Finally, if you love Sassy Mama Dubai as much as we do (… a lot), please vote for us in the Stylist Arabia Social Media Awards ( . Stay sassy! ** Indoor Fun In The UAE ———————————————————— The novelty of Dubai’s heat wore off five minutes ago, and coming up with fun things to do with your littles out of the sun is proving a challenge. The outdoors is just no fun when you’re lathered in sweat, mamas! So why not take them indoors to let loose, burn off some energy and even learn a thing or three? You can thank us later, mamas… …Read more ( ** The Panorama Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test ———————————————————— Frankly, if we could spend the full 40 weeks of pregnancy hooked up to a scanning machine, we would. Anything that guarantees peace of mind and provides us info and details on the precious little person we’re growing gets a huge Sassy Mama thumbs up – which is why we think that Natera’s new Panorama non-invasive prenatal screening test is one of the best things for mamas-to-be in the UAE. …Read more ( ** ‘Raising a Daughter with Down Syndrome Helped Me Navigate the World’ ———————————————————— Many are familiar with Emily Perl Kingsley’s essay written in 1987, “Welcome to Holland”, a viral parent poem that compares the experience of someone finding out their child has a disability to having their preconceived trip to Italy rerouted to Holland. A different place indeed. Not better or worse, just different. And this mama, Steph, navigates her ‘Holland’ with the best GPS, and a backpack filled with lots of strong will. …Read more ( ** Stylist Arabia Awards: We Need Your Votes, mama! ———————————————————— We’ve put our heart, soul, sweat and (sometimes) tears into Sassy Mama Dubai. We scour, sweat, drag strollers through the sand and brave the queues on SZR, just to bring you the latest news on what’s hot (literally!) in the world of parenting in Dubai, and beyond… We love what we do, and if you love it too then PLEASE VOTE for us in the ‘Parenting’ category of Stylist Arabia’s Social Media Awards 2016! …Read more ( ** Your Awesome Week ———————————————————— Looking for events in Dubai to keep your calendar full? Here are a few of our favourite things to do in our desert city this week. Head over to weekend Yoga Classes ( at KidZania to keep the kiddos active. And if you’re looking to learn a bit more about your school options, Dubai Nursery Show ( is just the place to go. Let’s be honest, mamas, we’re all in need of some pampering. Check out Enigma ( for a quirky date night – the perfect end to your week! Have an awesome one, mamas! Click for more events this week! ( ============================================================ ** Facebook ( ** Twitter ( ** Pinterest ( ** Instagram ( Sassy Scoops and Featured Listings are paid for features. You are receiving this email because you signed up for our mailing list, are buddies with one of our founders, or attended one of our Sassy Mama events. Sassy HATES spam, so please feel free to ** unsubscribe ( at any time if you’re no longer interested in our emails. We will never share your email address or personal info with third parties without your express permission, no matter how cool they are. Peace and love mamas. Copyright © 2016 Sassy Media Group Limited

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