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Hi there,

I'm Prashant Sharma, CEO of PRchitects, a Full-service Digital PR agency. We work with Web publishers for advertising collaborations.

Our site review team looked at for scope of sponsored collaboration for one of our clients and while the content is suitable, Trust Flow metric falls short of the campaign threshold(TF 25+). 

Having crawled and analysed over 15M+ blogs, the most common (and often ignored) factors among sites with lesser authority/performance, has been found to be missing SSL, 'Poor Quality of Hosting IP Neighborhood' and too many co-hosted domains on same Host IP.

We would advise you to check the quality of co-hosted sites on your Host IP and see if you're being co-hosted on an overcrowded IP with too many bad quality neighbors. If yes, you could be holding yourself back due to same and should consider making a switch right away

In our observations, Hostgator, Godaddy among others are the most popular(and widely advertised) web hosts but not the best choices, when it comes to Host IP neighborhood Quality.

In contrast, we observed better IP neighborhood and lesser host crowding on web hosts such as DigitalOceanBluehostInmotionHosting among others. You can take a wiser decision regarding your preferred web host accordingly. 

Summing it up, once your site's Trust Flow crosses 25, we would love to collaborate with you. Meanwhile, if we will have a requirement matching your authority/traffic metrics, me or my team will surely get back to you.

Thank You

Prashant Sharma

CEO, PRchitects

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